Narcos Mexico Season 2 Update: Air Date, Spoilers, Will McNairy Kill Gallardo?

The birth of Mexico’s drug war. Narcos: Mexico premieres November 16 on Netflix.

Narcos Mexico Season 2

Narcos Mexico is an American drama that is based on thrill and action. The Narcos Mexico Season 1 was streaming on Netflix in December 2018. Since then the viewers are excitingly waiting for another season. Therefore, now they are pursuing another stream of season 2 so that they can watch the series without any intermission.

The cinematography, filled with beautiful high-angled drone shots, overlapping narration, “success” montages, gory murders. It will be aiming the lovable storytelling style of the original is fully intact and most definitely lives up to the ‘Narco’ name.

Once that’s over with, and you start to get a feel for the characters, things pick up the pace and begin to move very quickly. The relationships and power dynamics begin to shift and are all over the place. It’s great fun to see how the characters handle everything.

The series is good, albeit a tad slow. In the 1st season, there is mention of Kiki & you know the fate of the DEA agent in this season. The visuals of Mexico, the level of corruption, the 1980s looks, and the performances of the actors, are stunning. This time around the series once again depicts the efforts and obstacles of government agents from both countries in taking down the cartel.

The target now is the Mexican kingpin Gallardo. It addresses the efforts from the point of view of law enforcement, politicians, traffickers, military, media and the victims involved. Based on real events the plot is intense, realistic and memorizing. The narration in the series again adds to the edge of your seat feeling of the story. I was shocked to learn the narrator was not Holbrook from “Narcos”.

Netflix Release Date for Narcos Mexico

Netflix now remains silent about the release date of this TV series. Therefore, there is no suggested news for the release date of Narcos Mexico season 2.

Pena Will Be Avenged

The first season was shed light on the murders and the kidnapping by the Pena. Therefore, fans will predict some justice from McNairy for the killed officer in season 2. And another expectation from the series is that it may have 10 episodes.

But it is a rumored that the season 2 may be airing in last 2019 or early 2020.


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