My hero Academia Chapter 225 Predictions, Release Date and story line

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a superhero manga series. The story follows the boy who born without superpower in a world and this power called quirks. Meanwhile, he still has a dream of becoming a hero. The world greatest hero is searching for this boy named Izuku.

He wants to share his quirk with him when he knows about his potential. Moreover, he enrolls him in a high school for heroes training. It is one of best anime television series by Bones. The first season aired on 3 April to 26 June 2016 in Japan. The last two chapters were remarkable, and fans enjoyed it.

As you know the League is at Deika city and thanks to the help of Slide N Go.
Meta Liberation Army surrounded them but didn’t look pleased about it. Now Let’s talk about anime series My Hero Academia Chapter 225 and release date, predictions, and spoilers.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 225 Spoilers

Chapter 225 will focus SlideN Go and he will play an essential role in the latest Chapter 225. He leads to the League to the city of Daika.

However, it’s a matter of time nothing else. Moreover, Chapter 225 is also talking about the League of Villains. Kizuki will fight against Toga, and now we expect amazing fights in My Academia soon.

Release Date of Chapter 225

The official date has released My Hero Academia chapter 225 which is 22 April 2019. However, Raw scans will be available on 19 April.

Well, these are official spoilers or predictions. I think chapter 225 will be one of the best manga series.


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