My Hero Academia 227: Release Date and Details

My Hero Academia 227

After enjoying My Hero Academia Chapter 226, fans have started thinking about its next chapter. The last chapter let us know about Toga- the character got brighter and better with time. Even supporters like the twist which the writer added in this chapter related to Toga.

It is a fact that when we get a great chapter, then we start expecting more from the next episode. Same is right about My Hero Academia 227. We want more from the writer, i.e. Kōhei Horikoshiand I’m sure the upcoming chapter will be filled with surprises and new twists. Exploring the lives of superheroes and seeing them in real-action is always the ultimate fun we can get.

As far as My Hero Academia Chapter 227 release date is concerned, it is 13 May 2019. Now many of you are expecting it to come on-air on May 6. The reason for this expectation is that magazine unlocks chapter after every week. So, if you are expecting this, then it is nothing wrong with that.

My Hero, Academia Chapter 227 release date is delayed due to Golden Week festival in Japan. During this festival, the entire Weekly Shounen Jump magazine will be on break. Even all other magazines will enjoy this festival, and there will not be any next chapter.

Now it means that fans have to wait for almost two weeks until chapter 227 releases and we can get to know our favorite character of this magazine.


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