Multiple Mortalities Reported, in Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting at Least 11 Injured

Thousand Oaks shooting

On the night of Wednesday, a gunman entered into a crowded and busy bar into a city of Ventura Country. Just after showing up an open fire started. As a result, the fatally shooting college night of revelers ends up injuring 11 people among whom there was a deputy as well.

Afterward, as per a report the reporter was also found dead.

The incident occurred at 11:15 p.m at a college at the Borderline Bar and Grill at 99 Rolling Oaks Drive in Thousand Oaks. At the west of Los Angeles around 40 miles, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office for the Ventura Country.

The gunman was seen by an eyewitness named Mitchell Hunter from Simi Valley, aged 19. He told that looks wise the gunman had a lighter skin tone having black hair. Furthermore, he told that he possessed a semi-automatic pistol loaded with a big magazine that was short barreled.

He further told that he emptied the magazine and reloaded.” I saw him walk in. “And he started shooting,” Hunter added.

He showed his sadness since he told a friend of him from Simi Valley, Tim Munson is also hospitalized. And he even didn’t know his situation.

At least 20 shots were heard by him and it took a while for reaching the police. “It took forever to get the cops there,” he further told.

Another person from Cal State Channels Islands in Camarillo, named Sarah Rose DeSon, of Whittier along with her friends was happily celebrating their friend’s birthday.

She said, “All I remember was standing there with my friend and I heard the shots,” I’m pretty sure I saw him. I’ll never get that picture out of my head. We dropped, heard gunshots, a lot of gunshots”.

She also explained how much rush was created at the incident place. “Everyone was under the table so it was hard to get under there.” She added.

The place got filled with ashes and sparks. Everyone was so puzzled and scared. “By the grace of God, I got to the front door.”


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