Muhammad Al Andalusi’s Andalus Institute Finally Opens Its Doors To Arabic Language Studies In USA

Andalus Institute Opens Arabic

The Andalus Institute Opens Arabic language.It is founded by 27-year-old Muhammad Al Andalusi, an online language learning institution that has recently opened its language study doors to USA residents who have yearned to study Arabic and go from zero to fluency in a short space of time, but who have never found a teaching program or offering within the USA.

Now, those in the USA can become fluent in this beautiful language within 15 months. As promoted on the institute’s website, “HOW TO LEARN ARABIC IN 15 MONTHS WITH THE INDISPUTABLE MOST EFFICIENT METHOD!”

Andalusi said, “I launched the institute and within six months and, unexpectedly, we felt overwhelmed by the immense high demand, which led us to cross six figures in revenue and since then we’ve averaged $30,000 per month.” Andalusi believes that one of the reasons why the institute is so successful, after the help of Allah, is the immense knowledge he has about language learning. After studying Arabic in Egypt, he is now a polyglot and speaks five languages. “With my knowledge and knowing how good of a program we’ve put together, students join who do not know Arabic and within months they reach a level of fluency in the classical Arabic language that many born Arabs nowadays don’t even have.”

Currently, the institute has more than 700 students from around the world, with the program not only helping them to develop their language skills but also to help them to become lifelong learners by inculcating in them discipline and a strong mindset to live purposefully.  For Andalusi, who has a passion for his institute and a passion for the language itself, the more who learn Arabic and become fluent in it, the better. Therefore, he is encouraging as many from the USA as possible to become students and enjoy the beauty of this spoken language as well as other benefits reaped when becoming fluent in this language. With the USA populated with many from this blessed land and the language of Arabia spoken among many communities within the country, local residents are encouraged to contact the Andalusi Institute and learn the beautiful, wide-spoken Arabic language.  Muhammad Al Andalusi’s Andalus Institute Finally Opens Its Doors To Arabic Language Studies In USA.



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