Ms. Marvel: The First Muslim Superhero Live Action Series is Coming to Disney Plus!

Ms. Marvel-‘The First Muslim Superhero’ Live-Action Series is Coming to Disney+, Here’s Every Detail Of It!

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a first Muslim Superhero series with live-action coming to Disney plus. This character is based on a famous comic book character of Kamala Khan. And it is the 6th show which is going to come on Disney Plus.

Moreover, on the event of fan conventions, the head of studio Kevin Feige declaring the news of Ms. Marvel while presenting trailers, videos, and more. Furthermore, she explained that fans will find her first time in the series. And after that, you will see them in further MCU shows.

Kamala Khan is finally going to perform as Ms. Marvel in the show. Whereas Sana Amanat, G. Willow Wilson, and Adrian Alphona are the creator of the show. Kamala Khan firstly appeared in Captain Marvel in August 2013. And after that coming as a solo star in Ms. Marvel in February 2014.

Kamala Khan is a Muslim American citizen living in Jersey. And Kamala gets some powers after having contact with the inhuman Terrigen Mist. She mostly gets inspired by the “Captain Marvel” to become Ms. Marvel.

If we are talking about the powers of Ms. Marvel then you will see Kamala is a polymorph. With this polymorph body, she can transform into any shape which she wants. One main drawback of the show is Ms. Marvel’s power of healing.

The studio head Kevin Feige clearing that Ms. Marvel will come after “Hawkeye”. Therefore you will see the show at the end of 2021 or at the start of 2022.

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