Mr. Robot Season 4’: Sam Esmail Talks About The Theme, Plot, Release Date!

Mr. Robot Season 4

The show is a dark theme TV show, which primarily focuses on a person’s perspective that the world’s needs change, and all the ‘EVIL’ needs to be eliminated. Sam Esmail’s Mr. Robot is a really gripping and intense show, which has been applauded for it’s a genuine display of hackers and how our lives have been interlocked with the internet and digital world.

However, the series has been completed in its three seasons. And the fourth season is coming close to release. Therefore, fans are really waiting for this upcoming season. Because they want to know that what season 4 will bring to them in this sequel?

One thing which I would like to point out is that, whenever a season starts, initially it makes no sense, so you should wait till mid-season to know the truth. Also, there is 2 distinct performance for which you should watch it, one is for Rami Malek and her sister’s character by Carly Chaikin, and these two are amazing throughout.

Everyone has their own uniqueness, it feels like the character’s actually alive.  The genre ‘thriller’ is actually the film’s personality. Sam Esmail knows what he’s doing when he talks about the thrills you’re going to get. And he’s done his job perfectly. He’s like this smartass director who hates seeing the wrong things on a film / TV series. Then he just decided to make a good one and he did it. He made a good series.

This amazing show “Mr. Robot Season 4” will air on 6th October 2019 all over the USA.


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