Mikey See comes into the music Industry with nothing to hide


The LA music scene is bustling with fresh new talent every day. Amongst this new wave of artist is the Long Island native, Mikey See. The 20 years singer has stood out in the LA pop scene. With his mellifluous tone and unique fashion, the young indie artist has been making waves in the LA music scene.

The Long Beach native, now LA based artist has curved out his own lane. Owning his sexuality as a proud gay singer, Mikey See often expresses life through his lens. With songs like “Love My Body” and “Don’t Wait” the young artist expresses his feelings on self-love and relationships.

Mikey’s EP latest EP is only four songs but is a great body of work. Song writer & producer Glenn Travis worked very closely on his latest project. The project also features beats by Mantra, whose worked with artists from Rihanna to Future.

The up and coming singer has decided to use his music as a way to help others who may relate to his music and his story escape their day-to-day problems. He has built a very loyal fanbase that connects with his story. Listen to his new single “In My Brain” below.


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