Meteorite-Like Object Fall in Rajasthan Explosion Heard Within 2km


People of Sanchore village in the Jalore district of India’s state Rajasthan saw something spectacular. A meteorite-like substance fell from the sky and it weighs around 2.8kg. The object was found on June 20 at around 7 am IST. Jalore district is approximately 5.3 km away from the capital city of Jaipur.

The locals said there was an explosive noise when the meteorite-type object fell from the space. There was speculation among people in that area that it must have been a bomb’s explosion. But they were quite amazed to find an object from the space.

Meteorite-Like Object reports

A resident of Sanchore named Suresh Desai reported that he saw an object falling from above, while he was standing on his balcony. There was an explosion sound as soon as it landed on the ground. The whole incident created panic in this area. He added that most of his neighborhood woke up due to the explosive sound and their children were also scared.

The meteorite-kind object created a pit as it fell deep with massive force and warmth. The pit was one foot deep. Local officials immediately came to the spot after hearing about the unusual object. They examined the rock-like object.

The meteorite-like object was emitting heat as the officials said after arriving at the spot of the incident. They took the object for examination and found properties of platinum, germanium, anion, and nickel.

The local administration informed groups of geologists at the Geographical Survey of India, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad office to know more about the object in detail. Now the geographical survey of India will be examining the object found in Rajasthan.

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Indian netizens took to Twitter to share their views and were calling it an act of alien movement humorously. However, we need to wait for the geologists to give a clear update on what it might actually be and how did it land on earth.


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