Men Gift Guide: 15 Splurge-Worthy Luxe Brands for Men this Holiday Season

Men Gift Guide

When it comes to buying presents for our loved ones for the holidays, we often find ourselves confused. Our friends and family deserve to have the best of the best. This can be in the form of finer gifts too with Men Gift Guide. 

When it comes to buying gifts for women, there is often a lot of variety. However, for men, the choices can be very limited. To help you find the perfect finer gifts for men this holiday season, we bring you a list of 15 splurge-worthy luxury brands for men. Men Gift Guide-

Men Gift Guide

  1. Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is the ideal fashion brand for men who want finer things in life. Ralph Lauren is a U.S.-based brand started by a designer of the same name in the early sixties. He eventually ended up winning the COTY Award for his fashion line and since then his brand has only achieved new heights. Today, Ralph Lauren is known across the world as the primary luxury fashion brand for both men and women. 


This luxury brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in the year 1921 and offers a wide variety of luxury fashion for men. It is one of the best-known brands in the world. Leather clothes by Gucci usually feature their signature webbed stripes that make them easily recognizable. 

3. Diesel 

This Italian fashion brand usually focuses on the younger audience and sells everything from clothing to perfumes. It also has its stylish signature jeans, which can be the ideal luxury gift for any man for the holiday season. 

Men Gift Guide

4. Calvin Klein 

Calvin Klein is a world-famous luxury brand whose line of men’s underwear is one of the most popular in the fashion business. In addition to that, it also offers popular perfumes, demin items, sportswear and watches. Any classy man would be glad to receive a Calvin Klein gift for the holidays

5. Dolce & Gabbana 

This brand was founded by Stefano Gabba and is known across the globe for its timeless designs. Be it for men or women, Dolce & Gabbana is often the first choice of buyers when shopping for luxury brands. They offer high-quality and trendy articles that are bound to be a good surprise for any man. 

6. Nike 

This brand caters to a young and athletic audience. It leads the world market as the primary supplier of athletic apparel and shoes. It was founded in 1964 and was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports. Its logo is famous across the world and can be easily recognized on any article of clothing. Also check out the Shein promo code.

7. Burberry 

This fashion house was founded in England by Thomas Burberry in 1856. It is world-famous for its signature tartan plaid pattern which has been copied many times in fashion history. It is very famous for featuring famous British celebrities in its marketing campaigns. 

8. Hugo Boss 

When we talk about luxury brands for men, this German brand has to be mentioned. Hugo Boss has over 6000 retail outlets across the globe. It offers shoes, fragrances, watches, accessories, clothing and more. It targets various different audiences with every luxury article. 

9. Armani 

Founded by Giorgio Armani in the year 1975, Armani is now a world-renowned fashion house that provides tailored suits to high-end customers. It is the leading name when it comes to menswear and provides extremely high-quality men’s suits. 

10. True Religion 

This is a relatively-recent brand that was established in the year 2002. It is quickly becoming popular amongst the masses. It has its signature vintage looks, classic t-shirts and jeans, etc., that make True Religion easily recognizable by anyone. This brand has a great following and is one of the top luxury brands for men we have today. 

11. Brunello Cucinelli 

All the articles produced by this high-end brand are handmade. The Italian designer and founder of this luxury brand describes his line of Italian menswear as “Sportiyo chic”. This brand has high-quality craftsmanship and exquisite materials, which make it world-famous. 

12. Rolex 

Rolex is the most popular brand of luxury watches. Every man must have a Rolex watch because it can do wonders for their wardrobe. This Swiss watchmaker has been in business since the year 1915 and has given the world many iconic creations. The Rolex Submariner is talked about across the globe and every man wants to get their hands on it. 

13. Paul Smith 

Another high-end brand for men’s suits alongside Armani is Paul Smith. It is widely known in the United Kingdom, and uses specially curated materials to make its suits. It was founded in the year 1970. The fabric, designs and colors of this luxury brand’s suits make them masterpieces in the truest sense. 

14. The Timberland Company 

This high-end brand produces outdoor shoes using high-quality materials. The Timberland Company is commonly called by the name “Timbs”. It was started in the year 1952 by Nathan Swartz. They sell watches, clothes, sunglasses, leather goods, and many other men’s items. It believes in the principle of eco-innovating, which also helps the environment.

15. Bally 

Bally is a Swiss company that mainly specializes in menswear. It was founded in the year 1851 by Carl Franz Bally. Men’s formal Scribe Novo is one of the brand’s most iconic and timeless creations. They handmake their articles in Switzerland and they are popular across the world. 




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