Medical Health Benefits of Chronic Seeds

Medical Health Benefits of Chronic Seeds

Chronic weed contains high concentrations of THC. It’s often associated with recreational use, but in fact, smoking weed grown from chronic seeds or eating edibles made with high-potency concentrates has some unique medical health benefits. Read on to find out about a few benefits of chronic seeds that can help some people manage their health.

Pain Management

THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids and terpenes in marijuana can help to reduce pain by changing the way it’s interpreted in the brain. They work best in concert with each other, so while CBD isolates and extracts can play a role in pain management, chronic weed can actually be more effective at treating serious conditions like fibromyalgia, endometriosis, arthritis, and migraines. Patients suffering from pain conditions who want to start growing their own chronic for medical use can head to Weed Seeds USA to learn about their options.

Help with Neurological Conditions

The impact of THC on the limbic system means it can be used to manage many neurological conditions. Those struggling with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Tourette syndrome, or epilepsy may all find that chronic weed does them more good than high-CBD strains. The same goes for people with autism who suffer frequent episodes of anxiety.

Part of the reason that marijuana works better than hemp for these purposes is that THC is the primary compound responsible for relaxing muscles and interacting with the limbic system to alleviate neurological problems. The same benefits also apply to some mental health conditions that impact neurological health.

Help with Mental Health Problems

Patients with certain types of mental health problems can benefit more from chronic weed than CBD. More specifically, patients with anxiety disorders tend to find that high-THC marijuana works better to help them calm down. That includes those with generalized anxiety and more specific types of anxiety disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those with mental disorders that deregulate sleep cycles may also benefit more from certain types of chronic than high-CBD weed.

Sleep Management

Many strains of high-THC marijuana produce calming, soothing effects that can make it easier to fall asleep. Part of the reason they work so well is that they are excellent for managing the anxiety that often keeps people up at night. Since marijuana is also more effective than hemp at controlling pain, those who have trouble sleeping as a result of their chronic pain conditions may also be able to sleep better when their symptoms are alleviated.

Managing Appetite

Smoking some chronic can help to alleviate problems with reduced appetite while smoking high-CBD weed is more likely to curb hunger even more. Those suffering from AIDS, cancer, anorexia, and other conditions that cause rapid weight loss can benefit more from smoking chronic rather than high-CBD cannabis strains. They can also kill two birds with one stone by baking up delicious weed edibles that will be all but irresistible even with a decreased appetite.

The Bottom Line

Both THC and CBD can play vital roles in just about any health and wellness plan. CBD has been getting the bulk of the attention in recent years from doctors and researchers when it comes to therapeutic benefits, but THC also has many unique medical benefits. For patients struggling with the above-listed medical conditions, chronic weed can provide more relief than CBD alone.


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