Markey Defeats Kennedy in Recent Senate Elections of Massachusetts

Markey Defeats Kennedy in Recent Senate Elections of Massachusetts

Once again, Markey defeats Kennedy to reclaim his incumbent Massachusetts Senate seat. On Tuesday, September 2, the election results were declared, and Joe Kennedy III fells short of bids against Ed Markey. Besides, Kennedy became the first-ever candidate from his family who lost a seat at any state election. The 39-year-old representative of the famous Kennedy family wanted to become the face of change by defeating Ed Markey. However, the 74-year-old Senate head clearly showed that he is not an easy target.

As Markey defeats Kennedy in the latest elections, his eighth consecutive year as a Senate Chief begins. He successfully held on to the position since 2013 when he was elected as the chief for the first time. Even before, Ed Markey was already a representative in the Massachusetts House from 1976. The latest election results are quite surprising because Joe Kennedy III was much ahead of Markey. Besides, the other candidates, including Elizabeth Warren and John Kerry, were also ahead of Markey.

Markey gets immense support leading him to the victory stand

It seems that Ed Markey has all the powerful connections that help him surpass every opponent, such as Kennedy. During the latest campaign, he got both the youthful support and grassroots energy on his side. Besides, a close friend and ally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, honored their Green New Deal partnership by promoting him in an advertisement. She featured in a famous TV ad to urge all Markey supporters to continue being by his side. Ocasio-Cortez requested everyone to phone the bank for Markey. She said that age does not count till the time you have concrete ideas to work upon. Apart from Ocasio-Cortez, a youth climate change trust, The Sunrise Movement also stood by Markey.

According to the communications director of The Sunrise Movement, Stevie O’ Hanlon, Markey is the best candidate. He says that Markey is from the previous generation, but his positive energy is unmatchable. Hanlon pointed out how the Senate head has come out in support of every matter of concern. Starting from racial injustice or COVID or climate change, Markey is always ready to face everything. Moreover, he knows and stands against the critical problems of fossil fuel industries and other illegal corporations. It is our responsibility to honor his support towards the citizens during every crisis.

Markey defeats Kennedy: Markey’s strong promotional strategies

It was a grand campaign, in which Markey defeats Kennedy after implementing a superb promotional strategy. In every event during the election campaigning, Ed Markey designed his appeal based on his simple life. The fact that his father was a milkman has managed to get him emotional support from a vast number of people. Moreover, the inclusion of an ongoing digital campaign with the help of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez worked well in his favor. In August, Ed Markey’s short biographical video that got over 3 million views.

On the other hand, during Kennedy’s campaigns, he made it clear that he was a better candidate. Despite agreeing on several concerns with Markey, he stressed that a young mind would naturally be more liberal and progressive. It was a clear indication by Kennedy that Markey’s career is now close to an end. As a result, Kennedy got the support of Nancy Pelosi, another house speaker. She featured in an endorsement urging people to elect Kennedy as their representative. The fact that Markey defeats Kennedy comes as an unexpected victory because the latter showed great potential during the promotions.

Counterattacks by Joe Kennedy III

Joe Kennedy III has tried attacking Ed Markey on several events in an attempt to unseat the latter. Highlighting the Iraq War events and the Crime Bill of 1994 are some of the primary weapons that Kennedy was using. Despite trying to convince the public that Markey has always been incompetent as a senator, Kennedy lost the final game. The other attacking issues against Markey were about him missing congressional votes. Besides, Kennedy tried to highlight Markey’s role as anti of the 1970’s desegregation movement. The fact that Joe Kennedy III is the grandson of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and son of Joe Kennedy justifies his dedication towards the senator seat.

The victory of Joe Kennedy III would have helped him continue the vigor and legacy of his family. It was a chance to regain a part of the lost respect for his family. After a decade of the death of ‘Teddy’ Edward M. Kennedy, Joe has to go through a similar struggle. While Edward was apparently the Senate’s Lion, it took him several years to reach such a position. He was a legislator for years before he came to the Senator’s seat. On the contrary, his brothers were already the attorney general and President minus the struggle.


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