Madden 20, Version, Feature, Price, Release Date

Madden 20

EA delivered the 19th version of Madden game. It is a real-life player motion game. NFL is bringing Madden 20 this year from EA Sports with unique features and improvement.

Here let’s talk about Madden 20 and it’s Version, release date, price, special features.

Version of Madden 20

The two versions are confirmed on Madden 20. One is the standard base game, and another would be a premium version that gives special features.

Premium version gives three days early access. Therefore, players start early and this feature putting together their final squad for franchise mode.

Features of Madden 20

The first leak of Madden 20 is about product description of the game. It describes the outline of the story mode and coach mode upgrade.

Here I am listing some other features

1. Face Editing; you can change the look of the player according to you.
2. Pro Bowl mode: Madden 20, you can play the Pro Bowl in campaign mode.

3. Unique Playbooks: unique playbooks which give the edge to players.

4. MUT Upgrades: in this mode, you get superstar abilities, mission for cards and ultimate challenges.

5. Celebrations: 20 variations are available for first down and touchdown.

6. Campaign mode: this mode brings different in-game events and dialogue than other players.

Additional Features:

Superstar ability: In this feature, provide a player with special ability.

If you are playing on single player mode, then you have an option of stimulating season as a coach.

Price of Madden 20

Madden 20 gave a retailer list of Gamestop on its website from where you can purchase basic version at the sale price. Well, the price of Madden 20 will be $59.99 at retailer GameStop.

Moreover, for the special edition of the game, you can purchase by paying $79.99. Meanwhile, extra items and Madden Ultimate Team bonuses will also be available in the special edition.

Release date of Madden 20

The previous edition of Madden 20 released on 10 August 2018.

Now it is expecting that the NFL will release the new edition on 9th April 2019.

If EA try to maintain new schedule, then it is possible that the Madden 20 edition will available on 6th August. Moreover, Premier EA subscribers may able to play the game before 1st August.


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