Lucifer Season 5 spoilers: Tom Ellis shared Some Clips

Lucifer season 5


Fans are happy to watch Lucifer Season 4 on Netflix.  Fox Canceled this show, but Netflix gives birth to this almost dead TV shows since fans of Lucifer were not ready to say him good-bye. You can binge-watch all four seasons on Netflix now. However, before this don’t miss Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers.

In Lucifer Season 4, we are going to enjoy some story twists. There will be more fights than before. Lord of Hell is ready to kick down some bad guys. He doesn’t hesitate to fight. He also needs to win Chloe’s love and affection.

It is not easy for Lucifer to win Chloe’s heart again especially now when she knows who he is. So, now we have to see what strategy he follows to find the love of his life.

Tom Ellis Shared some Old Clips

Fans who are following Lucifer on his official Instagram got the chance to see some fantastic behind-the-scenes clipping from Season 4 Episode 4. Tom Ellis made this clips public. These are some fighting scenes.

In the clips, we can see that Lucifer is dealing with some thugs in the bar. He punches one guy while knocking another guy into the ground. While he is doing some fight, he manages to keep his anger level under control. A cameraman is following him and capturing all these fight moments.

In another scene, he is throwing a person into the pinball machine.

Now fans what to know what will happen in Lucifer Season 5. It is possible that we see a different darkest side of Lucifer. Even the showrunner give us a hint that there are significant changes in the upcoming series.


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