Lucifer Season 5: Production Has Started, Now Let’s See When Will Netflix Bring the Show?

Lucifer Season 5

Netflix is coming with Lucifer season 5 as one of the most-watched series on Netflix. The sad news is that it would be the last ad final season of Lucifer. Fans want to know about their favorite season so let’s talk about it.

As you know Before the fourth season, Lucifer dropped from FOX and Netflix pick up the series. Well, the series got famous all around the world. Even the fans were so desperate and started a campaign as SaveLucifer to save the series.

In the United States, Netflix did not stream the Lucifer. On Netflix, the first series was available at the start of the year. Meanwhile, others are not available on Netflix.

The fourth Lucifer season released on Netflix on 8th May 2019. The season also broke the record of some famous series such as Game of Thrones at HBO.

On twitter, the good news was given to lucifer season 5. Well, it’s sad news that it would be the final season. The series got renewed order for 5th show on 7th May 2019. Fans embraced the series all around the world. Now everyone is waiting for the final turn of the show.

According to spoilers, the fifth scenes have been written. As we got a twitter post through the entire team on 12th July 2019. Ildy also confirmed on twitter to get back the writer’s room in June or July 2019.

The most important question is that when will we see the final season of Netflix’s series Lucifer. Speculations are saying it would be reached in 2020 and most chances are that it will hit the screen in summer 2020.


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