Lucifer Season 4 All Ready to Get On-Air Anytime Soon Now

Lucifer Season 4 final

The news about Fox abandoning Lucifer Season 4 was hard to put up with for the fans but thankfully Netflix saves the day.

Netflix had announced to take the show and rumors are, directors are wrapping up the final episodes.

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Sharing his joy with the fans, Hector took it to Twitter saying he has recently finished last episode 409 of Lucifer’s Season4. He also said that he cannot wait for the show to get on air so everyone could watch. The excitement clearly can be seen from the rest of the Tweets of team members.


There has been a lot of sensational talks about the theme of Season 4. The most authentic, so far, are the hints we could get from Tom Ellis (Lucifer) as he talked with a fan on LUX convention. Check out

  • We all can anticipate an intense battle but Lucifer confirmed it in the final of the season.
  • Eva might ignite the love flames again in Lucifer’s heart for her but right now he is with Chloe.
  • Things might turn disastrous with this love triangle as Lucier might cheat on Chloe to get again back with his ex.
  • On being asked about what kind of boyfriend will he prove out to be, Tom hinted at being a bad one. So, chances are, we would witness a possible heart-break for Chloe

Let’s all wait and watch where this heated love-triangle leaves the fans to.

Release Date: Anytime in early 2019

Star Cast:  Lauren German, Tom Ellis, Kevin Alejandro

Producers: Netflix


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