Love Island: What and How will be Different in Fifth Series ?

Love Island

The Love Island series started in 2014 and became the most popular show on ITV2. in this series, attractive people send to the villa for dating under the sun, so that’s why series proved a winning formula. This historical ITV2 show has 4.3 million viewers

Love Island series returns every summer with comforting familiarity as a lousy Christmas cracker joke. The fifth series of Love Island will start on Monday night on ITV2 but now has made some changes in it.

It is one of most popular show of ITV2. The show had some issues last year that would solve in the fifth series.

Caroline Flack and lain Stirling will return as the regular presenter. Samira mighty was one of the last year contestants and told to Victoria Derbyshire show, When I was on love island there was talking about me as the dark-skinned girl, but I didn’t disturb by this.

If there are more races, then it would be great and will pick personalities. Moreover, the noted thing of the show is steps that it is taking towards more body diversity.
Anna Vikili is an Iranian Instagram star and has a curvier frame as compared to her fellow contestants.

An actress Jameela Jamil wrote on her Twitter account, ” the producers of Love Island want this slim woman counts as their new token “Plus Size” contestant, Are they drunk?

In response, the director said, “Yes, we want a representative and want to attract one another. We want a group of people here who want to watch for eight weeks fell in love with them.

Some other romantic shows like First dates, Naked Attraction, and Eating with my ex are more range of ages and body types. However, Caroline Flack said during talking with BBC News, ” love Island is completely fantasizing, guilt-free show.” yes the show is producing under the genuine romance.

Last year, Every couple was broken up in which Jack and Dani also included.

Most couples live together for almost six months and then sign a contract with management agencies.
Besides all of these, Jess and Dom who were 2017 constants announced that they are expecting their first baby, as well as Alex and Olivia from 2016, have got married.

The fifth series will more interesting because it will come with less high profile jobs such as scientist and firefighter. However, the main issues come this year the impact of fame on their mental health.

So the main changes in the fifth series are psychological support, More detailed conversation with Islanders regarding the impact of contestants on the show.

Furthermore, in the fifth series, there would be bespoke training and financial management for islanders. Also, a proactive aftercare package will be given to support all Islanders. These changes are made in the fifth series, and I’m sure that’s not boring.


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