Let Sugaring Take Care of Your Awesome Skin as You Concentrate on Your Game

Care of Your Awesome Skin

Being a sports person, you need to be on your toes at all times. The routine is hectic for most as in addition to practicing the game and managing the daily grinds one needs to pay special attention to physical health in order to stay in form. And how can we forget, taking care of the skin and grooming it as a part of the whole process especially when it comes to women. Since most parts of the body remain exposed in almost all kinds of sportswear women must choose a hair removal method that prevents hair re-growth for at least a few weeks and leaves the skin smooth. The best bet here seems to be the sugaring treatment. Let us take a closer look at how it works. This blog will be about how to care for your awesome skin. visit here

Sugaring – For a Healthy and Hairless Skin

Sugaring treatment is undoubtedly the best solution for all you ladies trying to make it big in sports, be it swimming, badminton, hockey or skating. The all-natural sugaring paste pulls unwanted hair from the roots and keeps the skin hairless for weeks to come. The treatment can be done easily at home. Thus, it saves a lot of time and hassle involved in making salon appointments that cannot be avoided if you go for waxing.

Shaving and hair removal creams can save you from frequent salon trips however they demand time almost every other day. Moreover, sharp razors and chemical based creams/ waxing pastes are harsh on the skin. They may cause soreness, irritation and small bumps on the skin. Since the skin of sports women is already exposed to sun, sweat and dust irritation and soreness likely aggravates and can take long to heal.

However, sugaring does not lead to any such problem. Sugaring paste for waxing removes unwanted hair almost effortlessly without causing much pain. Prepared with natural ingredients, it is soothing and does not cause any harmful side effects.

Post Sugaring Tips to Safeguard the Skin

Here are a few important things that need to be taken care of post sugaring to safeguard your skin:

  • Avoid wearing figure hugging clothes for at least two days post the procedure. Loose fitting clothes in soft material such as cotton are ideal during this time.
  • It is best to avoid rigorous training for around a day or two post sugaring treatment as it may lead to sweat that may cause skin irritation.
  • You mustn’t take hot shower after the treatment for at least 48 hours. A cold shower is recommended to get rid of the paste residues.
  • Lastly, avoid exfoliation as well as the use of chemical based moisturizers two days post sugaring.

This means, it is best to conduct sugaring treatment at least two-three days ahead of your game.

You require squeezing in just around an hour to conduct the procedure and get silky smooth skin devoid of hair for weeks. No soreness, irritation or discomfort involved! Isn’t it great? Sugaring truly is a perfect solution for the modern day sports women.


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