Tonight, Baxter family wasn’t comfortable during the return of Last Man Standing to the small screen. And the reason was loss of their middle daughter, Mandy Baxter, formerly portrayed by actor Molly Ephraim.

Many actors started to find another work after ABC canceled the show. Gossips started right after the cancellation that ‘Last Man Standing is going to pick up by another network’.

Ultimately, these all were rumors when filming of the return was resumed a few months. The show’s return to the small screen is here with Mandy’s replacement, Molly McCook.

Reason Behind Molly Ephraim Replacement

An “unfortunate” reason is behind the replacement of Molly Ephraim, according to the creative team of ‘Last Man Standing’.

The official Instagram account of Last Man Standing shared a video yesterday, captioning, “Double tap to show Instagram guru Mandy some love! ❤️ #LastManStanding.”

Fans of the show started to react right after watching the sneak peek with Molly McCook, the replacement of Molly Ephraim. “Sorry not as good as the original! Bring her back,” a user commented.

Another user agreed to give new-comer McCook a chance, “I have given her a chance. Still not liking her”, user wrote.

But again, fans were not getting ready to accept the replacement. “Ugh….not liking the new cast,” another user reacted. “She is too tall and the blonde hair, don’t care for. I think they should have found someone more suitable based off the “real” Many character. jmo.”

“Eve is only original casted girl. Was not sure about first change but worked, so thing one might too,” reacts another social media fan. “After all why did the daughters have black hair when the parents didn’t lol.”

Molly McCook Responds Criticism

Molly McCook also responded user’s comments about her look. Thank you! Totally get it”, she replied to a Twitter user when she ask her to change her look.

“The blonde is a harsh change. I think if we tried to recreate anything, it would have been harder for fans to accept me being a different dark haired girl. Now, it’s so different that there is no comparison. Easier for us all to move forward!” she wrote.