Laptop Buying Guide: Things to Look for When Buying a Laptop 2019

Let's see what you need to think first about buying a laptop and what to choose if you have the question, what kind of laptop do I get?

buying a laptop

Want to buy a new laptop? You will surely have a look at it, but have you decided what to take? Are you confused with the huge variety that exists and you do not know which one is right?

Let’s see what you need to think first about buying a laptop and what to choose if you have the question, what kind of laptop do I get?

In 2019, laptop technology has made huge leaps, especially in the last 5 years. Very likely, this is the age of your old laptop and that’s why you’re ready to buy new ones.

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In this article, we will solve all the relevant questions to choose the best laptop for your needs.

The factors that you need to consider when buying laptops are relatively simple. All new laptops can be wirelessly connected to the internet, playing games – some of them at low resolution.

Still, all new laptops from the most inexpensive to the most expensive can process texts, enter Facebook and other social media.

The overwhelming majority of new laptops run Windows operating system, and you will find some Chromebooks on the market. If you want to spend more money then you can switch to buying an apple with a functional macOS.

Types of laptops and operating system

The first thing that you have to decide is what laptop to get and with which operating system. The operating system on a laptop will be used daily. It is your tool and should be compatible with the programs you already know to use.

If you want something that is 100% compatible, then select a laptop with functional windows. But if the previous laptop is mac then you should choose a counter because the programs are not all 100% compatible.

But they are their derivatives since word texts can be properly opened and functioned by all operating systems and related applications.

The latest operating class is on Chromebooks. They are economical and support all simple everyday uses.

What laptop do I get? With functional windows?

As we wrote above are the most common laptops you will find in the market and is probably the most common choice for buying laptops. The variety is enormous and lists dozens of models.

The latest version of Windows 10 is stable and is now compatible with all your other devices, such as tablets. For convenience, you will find in the market a touchscreen.
Many of them have batteries for greater battery life. With a bit of searching, you can find the best laptops for up to 500 euros, like this one.

What laptop do I get? Powered by Google OS? Chromebooks.

The new Google OS operating system is easy to use and simple. It is designed from the very beginning and is ideal for use on the internet. It runs all Google applications, all Facebook applications and is compatible with Twitter, Instagram, and others.

As functional it is very lightweight and can run comfortably even on small processors (CPU), while ram does not crash unless multiple applications run at the same time.

What laptop do I get? With Mac OS? Apple Laptop.

Apple designs the operating system to have the best performance on its own hardware. This in itself makes it ideal. In general, Apple’s philosophy on the laptop is to design them on the basis of easy and seamless use.

If you are a windows user and want to jump to an Apple laptop like MacBook Pro or Mac Air, then you will have a little difficulty at first until you understand how it works, but within a very short time, it will look like a game and maybe you will never go back to windows.

MacOS laptop purchase is ideal if you want to change the way you work with your laptop.
What brand of laptop do I get? Are the quality and warranty important?

In the laptop market, there is a lot of competition, almost all companies and brands give their best to design and have better laptops than their competitors.

The tips for buying a brand and manufacturer’s laptop are two. The first tip for buying a laptop is to have as many warranty years as possible.

If it does not have more than two or three years then consider whether the company is offering a laptop extension warranty package. It is important to spend this money because in the event of damage the cost will be multiple.

Sometimes it may well overcome the cost of buying a cheap laptop.

The second tip concerns the characteristics that a good laptop should have, that is if it is ideal for the use you want. The laptop that is good for others may not meet your own needs.

But base on the quality of construction and do a google search for any quality problem. Here is what the reliable laptops feature.

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Buy a laptop with a small or big screen?

After you have decided what kind of operating (os) the laptop you will buy in 2019, let’s get to the size of the screen. A basic prerequisite here is moving.

The larger laptop screen, mean big size and more weight. If you are a student, a middle-size laptop is ideal. If you’re a designer, but the laptop will be in the office, the best solution is a big screen laptop.

Our advice is that the best 2 in 1 laptop under 600 have a display of 10 to 14 inches in most cases.

Laptop battery, what is ideal?

If you select a laptop with a large processor, a lot of memory and not an SSD drive, then you know that the battery life will be shorter. Even with the settings, you will not see huge changes in machine battery life.

After purchasing the new laptop, you will need to charge the battery properly, as described in the article here, to last for several months.

In general, our advice is to choose a laptop with at least moderate battery but to have an SSD because these discs, as you will read here, have increased speed and help in a battery.

Buy a laptop with large RAM?

If a laptop or tablet has a large RAM, then it can run more programs at the same time. The choice of RAM has to do with how many programs you will have open and how much you want to work with.

Do an experiment like this to see how you will calculate the minimum necessary memory. Open your computer or your old laptop and start working normally.

After some hours of use, see through the operating system how much memory you have consumed. You almost need that, and with this criterion, you will choose the RAM on the new laptop.


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