Language Barriers and Love

Barriers and Love

There is nothing easy about love in general. A successful relationship in today’s society is like continually fighting the media, family, and friends who all want to tell you how valid your relationship is. Now throw a language barrier in there and a difficult situation becomes impossible. 

Before we get started, let’s give you some funny solutions to dating a foreigner, but don’t skip ahead and sign up for a 90-day fiance with the first man you meet at a bazaar. It takes time to develop a real connection with someone, so put that at the top of your priority list. 

Language Barriers and What You Can Do.

In cases where there is a language barrier, what should be done? It is inevitable that there will be communication problems, but how can we work through them while still maintaining this relationship? As long as your love for your partner is as strong as that vibrating rose or rosebud vibrator in your bedside drawer, you won’t be able to destroy your love with a language barrier. Furthermore, love is the only language that does not require a translator. 

There is no doubt that you will become frustrated at some point. You might find it difficult to date someone who doesn’t speak English, especially early on, unless you were born with some magical ability to speak foreign languages. If you try to communicate real issues with your partner, it’s all jokes. You may not care for small talk in the bedroom, but repeating the same phrases repeatedly is bound to bore your partner. 

But you’ll never run out of bonding moments or excuses to get out of trouble, such as that your partner didn’t understand what you were saying. As you learn each other’s native tongue, you will be constantly trying to improve each other’s skills. There will be many cute moments when you point at objects and describe what they are.

Several inaccurate translations are likely to occur. It is impossible to translate every joke into English, and not every joke can be fleshed out and made into something funny. Thus, it’s imperative to make the most of your comic and wrong translations, to flirt as much as you can with your partner with your tone of voice. In some of your more intimate moments, try bridging the language barrier. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch your partner off guard by saying the words in the wrong language. 

Learn A Foreign Language.

You will eventually become bilingual if you care enough about it. It may be a smart idea not to use your bedroom words in public. However, if you and your partner put enough effort into it you should be able to communicate in both languages in no time. Ensure you’re both properly…motivated to get it right by making it a game between you two. You may also choose to self-study with online courses, apps, and tutors if that is not your thing. For surprising your partner with sudden fluency, these may be the most appropriate options. 

It is difficult to meet friends and family sometimes, especially when you are newly relocated to the area. In order to find out if people like you, you have to learn their language. However, if you get a feeling that something is off, it would be prudent to address it as soon as possible so that problems won’t worsen. It is a great way to show your dedication to the family of your partner and to win them over in the long run by learning their language. 

After a while, a language of your own emerges and the focus is no longer on knowing every single word, but on understanding the other person. You should not view this as a language barrier, but as an opportunity to share who you are, what you are about, and what makes you unique. Whenever you overthink your partner’s message, it can drive you crazy. Is your partner mad at you, and is there something they can’t or won’t say? Instead of thinking “it’s time to make up” during a fight, tell yourself “well, it’s time to make up.”. 

Please make sure you express your love as much as possible, wherever possible, if you’re with someone who speaks one of the romance languages. Alternatively, if their accents make your toes curl, try reading a smutty book together. 

If you and your partner enjoy learning and understanding each other, then you won’t have a problem. Languages are challenging, so don’t worry about catching every word.


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