Labor Day famous quotes

Labor Day famous quotes

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All of the labors that are uplifting humanity have the importance and dignity. They have the right to get respect and importance. Martin Luther King. Jr.

Nothing will be prospered without the labors. Sophocles.

Everything in the whole world can be purchased by labors. David Hume.

Genius are responsible for the great work and labors are responsible for finishing it. Joseph Joubert.

Work is not meant for money. It is meant to justify your life. Marc Chagall.

Employment is one of the natural physician. It is very essential for the well-being of happiness and also for your joy. Galen.

Work is one of the most essential thing that is used to celebrate your life in a happier way. Work can’t be done without the aid of labors. Pay tribute to them. Marshall McLuhan.

Labor is the best and only prayer that is answered by the nature. You can get your rewards from the nature. Robert Green Ingersoll.

Labor is the hand of magician. Everything can be achieved with the help of it. Edwin Osgood Grover.

One machine is able to do the work of fifty to sixty man. But there is no machine that can do the work of super and extraordinary man. So, be an extraordinary in your work if you want to achieve success. Elbert Hubbard.

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Labor Day is the day to pay tribute to the workers. It is the day to celebrate their dignity. Victor Hugo.

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