Kylie Jenner Spotted with Jordyn Woods and Tristan on Friend’s Birthday Party

Kylie Jenner

What could be more awkward than to sit alongside with those people with whom you have family issues and clash? Last Night, Kylie Jenner was attending the birthday party of her longtime friend, Stassi Karanikolaou.

In this party, Kylie was in the same room as her ex-BFF Jordyn Woods and her sister’s ex Tristan Thompson.  As we all know Tristan Cheated on Khloe with Jordyn.  Khloe had a table talk with Jordyn where she claimed that Jordyn was the main reason behind her family break up.

Jordyn denied all this claim and but she admitted that NBA Player Tristan kissed her once. But she is not the reason for Tristan breakup with Khloe.

As it all happened with Kylie’s sister, therefore she is not in talking and friendly terms with both Tristan and Jordyn.

Kylie was attending a party with her sister Kendal, on the other hand, Jordyn Woods was there with her old boyfriend cum good friend Jaden Smith. Tristan was there alone; we don’t know whether he was there for attending Stassi’s party or just for some other reason.

Kylie documented this birthday party night, but she didn’t sit alongside Jordyn. Being seated in the same room means they are going to work out their family matters.  However, Kylie and Jordyn might not be good friends again.

What do you think? Tristan cheated on Khloe, and she might never forgive her. The apparent reason is Jordyn, so it seems that Kylie would prefer her family over friendship.


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