Kylie is Accused of Photoshop Failure for her Luxurious Vacation Insta Photograph

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We all know that Kylie is enjoying a luxurious vacation with her friends. She is busy in some kind of Kylie Skin success celebration at a Paradise Island. From landing that Island to diving in the water, she shared every single photograph of that event. Fans who saw her photo with eagle eye accused her for Photoshop failure. Let’s find out more.

Fans of Kylie have gone suspicious about her hourglass body shape when they claimed that she might have gone through plastic surgery just to get a sculpture body. Now another suspicion comes with the remarks of “Photoshop failure”  in response to a string of bikini photos she shared.

She appeared with Anastasia Karanikolaou in a snap where they both wear same color dresses. Kylie wore one-shoulder dress underneath which she covered her body with white bikini. They both are sitting on a daybed. Now  if you want to see whether these photos are photoshopped or not, all you have to do is to stare the round cylinder cushions behind them.

The large ridges of these cushions are visibly bent , and that’s why fans are  saying aht Keeping up with the Kardashian Star is clearly editing her picture.

behind her are visibly “bent” — leading them to speculate she’s been editing her snaps.

“Next time you Photoshop your pictures make sure you’re not sitting in front of a pillow with stripes ;)” one fan wrote.

“Look at the lines on the pillow behind her torso,” another agreed.

While others called the apparent bust “awkward”, “major” and “terrible”.


In another picture, you can see Kylie alongside her new BFF , their body shapes are exactly alike, how on earth this is possible.

One furious fan wrote: “Funny how their bodies look the exact same you know what that means.”

“And the gap between her arm and knee … clearly supposed to be leaning on that knee,” another chipped in.

While one simply wrote: “Photoshop fail.”

Kardashian family is used to this kind of accusations and drama. Therefore, our self-made billionaire reality star didn’t respond to such accusations.

On the other hand, Stassie baby is not used to all this drama when one fan wrote,.

“Stass I would delete this, your private area skin is rippling, which makes the photo looked altered,” one said.

She replied stating, “the photo would’ve looked altered if I DID take the rippling”

What do you think? Did Kylie and Stassie commit photo editing crime? Share your opinion with us.

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