Krypton Season 2: Release Date, New Cast member, What will happen

Krypton Season 2

Want to know More about Superman’s ancestors? It would help if you started watching Krypton Season 1 before its second season hit Syfy in June.  It is one of the top rated and most binged-watched tv series. Also, the main reasons for its success on Syfy are a storyline, cinematography, and the cast.  Let’s know more about the show.

What is the Story of Krypton season 1?

Krypton is based on DC Comics Characters and got its script from Warner Horizon. David S.Goyer is the executive producer. Cameron Welsh is the showrunner. Syfy renewed Krypton for Season 2 even when its final two episodes were yet to release on the network.

The story begins two centuries before the birth of Superman or Kal-El. It is a prequel which focuses on the life of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El- Cameron Cuffee plays the leading role of Seg-El. The house of El has been shamed and disparaged, and now he has to do his best to get back what they lost, i.e. family honor. At the same time, he must protect his family from the enemies.

Syfy released Krypton Season 1 on March 21, 2019. This show earned 2 million total viewers each week, and therefore it ranks among the most-watched debut show seasons on Syfy. The story of the show and many actor performances got critics reviews and remarks.

Krypton Season 2: What will Happen?

The first teaser trailer released on April 18, 2019, and it showed clearly that a terrible day is coming for Seg-El and his allies.  Dru-Zog got more strength while the influence of Brainiac on Seg-El is quite apparent. Who will Kneel ? and Who Will Rise? These are some questions which come into the mind at this moment. To get the answers we will have to watch its season 2.

Krypton Season 2 Cast

Krypton season 2 will return its old main cast, but the story is evolving. Thus you can see some new faces in the show as well. Emmet Scanlan will appear as Lobo who is ant-hero ready to hunt the universe while riding his bike at high-speed. He sweeps everyone who come into his way.

What will be the story of Krypton Season 2?

If you take a close look at the trailer, then you come to know that a big fight is reaching ahead. Seg-El won’t relax until he resumes his family honor and gets back what has taken from them.

The second season will begin by adding some more storylines to last season characters who require reprise. Zod is all set to control the Galaxy, and now we will see how he will accomplish his goal. Adam Strange is stuck in Brainiac bottle cities, so we have to check what is coming into his way now

According to recent reports, a New GOD will make his appearance in the upcoming season. A new dark side will emerge on the planet due to this god. It is possible that Hawkgirl and Green Lanterns come to show.

The first season was , but we hope that showrunner surprise audience with another charismatic season.

Release Date

Krypton Season 2 is coming on Syfy on June 12, 2019. Krypton Season 2 episode 1 is titled as “Light-Years From Home” and episode 2 named as “Ghost in the Fire.” Both names are pretty unique and exciting. What you say?



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