Know Main Difference Between Cigarette or Pipe Tobacco

Cigarette or Pipe Tobacco

Many people who feel stressed and overwhelmed feel relaxed when they smoke. You might hear many times that Pipe tobacco is safer to use than Cigarette. Did you ever wonder what the main difference between both products you use is? If not, then I’m here to pinpoint some main differences among them. Continue reading and explore more.

What is Cigarette?

Many of you already see it, or some of you might have used it. But it is time to know what that product is. In a cigarette, finely chopped rolled Tobacco is wrapped inside a fine paper. In order to use it, you need to light its one side and then put another side inside your mouth and start inhaling /exhaling burned tobacco smoke.

The name of Cigarette came from France where Tobacco was cultivated in 1900, and it was one of the best export products of France. Finely cut rolled Tobacco was high in demand all over the world. This fame turned into defaming when in 1960s medical professional found a connection between various illness and tobacco smoking. France industry was enjoying a boom before this discovery, but then all this high export turned upside down.

Now it is mentioned on almost every cigarette pack that it is hazardous and risky. But still, there are millions of smokers who daily smoke and feel their lives incomplete without it.

Cigarettes are smaller in size as compared to pipe tobacco. One can easily hold it in with two finger grips, either right or left hand.

In the 9th century, Mayan people used cigarettes as a part of their rituals. They used paper-like corn wrap inside which they fill Tobacco.

According to many boys, holding a cigarette in their hands make them look cool. They consider it is a style piece that adores a man.  If you look back into history, rebellious women in 1920 started smoking and Cigarette was a symbol of courage and bravery for them as they could do anything which was required to handle a task.

What is Pipe Tobacco?

In pipe tobacco, natural Tobacco is filled in the bowl of a pipe, and then it is lit for use. There is a detachable tube attached with the bowl. As Tobacco starts burning, you put the tube inside your mouth and starts smoke inhale/exhale process.

Pipe tobacco is regarded as a classic and traditional method of using Tobacco, while cigarettes are considered as modern and elegant style.

What are the main differences Between Cigarette and Pipe Tobacco?

The main difference between Cigarette and Pipe Tobacco /Cigar is the chemical from which they have been made.  Cigarettes are made with highly toxic tobacco chemical. On the other hand, Cigar is overlaid with natural Tobacco.

Pipe tobacco could be handmade or designed with machines. Handmade pipe tobacco is very expensive, and many times, you find rare pipes with exquisite designs and patterns.  There are many chemically enhanced cigarettes which are widely accessible. You can find a wide variety of flavors. The most common one is menthol cigarette, which comes with strong soothing menthol taste. Pipe tobacco is also available in different flavors such as whiskey, cognac, and wintergreen.

When it comes to addictive quality, then it is often said that Cigarettes keeps a smoker very high, and it is addictive. Chain smokers can’t live their life without cigarettes. Although pipe smokers get relaxation and peace of mind from tobacco smoking, they don’t get addicted quickly.

Which One is safe?

As we know that Pipe Tobacco has fewer chemicals as compared to Cigarettes, therefore they have a better and stronger aroma. There is a misconception that it is safe to use pipe than cigarettes. Reality is that both products have Tobacco in it and you can’t overlook nicotine.  If you inhale tobacco smoke, you have a high risk of lung cancer and respiratory diseases. So, when someone says you, it is okay to smoke from pipe than from a Cigarette because the tube is healthier than it is nothing but a lie.

You should never fall for this misconception. Even when you don’t smoke or chew Pipe Tobacco Online, you are at the stake of health problems at very least.

Wrap Up

The main difference between Cigarette and Tobacco is the chemical formation else both are somehow the same products. Pipe tobacco has natural and synthetic Tobacco with less chemical, while Cigarettes have more chemical tobacco inside it. Another difference could be the price as you can find cheap cigarettes everywhere.


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