KGF Chapter 2: Release Date And More Updates!

KGF Chapter 2: Release Date And All We Know So Far!

KGF Chapter 2

KGF movie is crown of Kannada movie. The movie from start to finish is full of high octane action sequences. It is the story of ambitious Rocky’s partial journey towards power and riches. The story is told in a non-linear format which travels between the eras of 1951 to 2018.

The film wastes no time and picks up steam from the word go. The first half episodes build the character of Rocky and establish him has a powerful maverick don. It breezes to the interval with its share of cliche punch lines, multiple hero elevations, goosebumps, and an item song. The typical commercial format storytelling but with lots of style and swag.

The captain of KGF mines, Prashant Neel, the Director should take a bow for bringing his vision on screen. Editing is very sharp, multiple scenes are played parallel and also intellectually blurred at few places to showcase that the character had no idea about the things to come. The last days it is heard that Sanjay Dutt also playing a leading role in the KGF Chapter 2.

While the cinematography by Bhuvan Gowda is top-notch and world-class. But the movie is Karnataka’s contribution to the pan India audience and director Prashanth leaves no stone unturned in making it a masterpiece.

However, his vision has been told with utmost conviction and clarity. This movie sets a precedent for the upcoming Kannada movies and new local talents to dream big. Prashant’s screenplay and multi-layered storytelling keep you engaged without a moment of dullness in the movie.

More Updates

Finally, now you will get a chance to watch the most exaggerated and awaited Kannada movie K.G.F Chapter 2 in the upcoming time period. As the team of KGF is going to remake of KGF Chapter 1. Although there is no final date is set to air the movie. But it is said that it may out in some time of the next year.


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