Kendall Enjoyed Justine’s 24th Birthday with Hailey Baldwin at Exotic Blue Hole

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner had a lot of fun this weekend when she jetted alongside her friends Justine Skye and Hailey Baldwin. They went to a less-popular kind of holiday destination Blue Hole which is featured with mesmerizing waterfall spots on Sunday afternoon. They started their journey into the Carribben island on Saturday and landed their destination on Sunday.

The whole purpose of this journey was to have some low-key girl trip at a nature-filled place. Kendall  kept her hair out from the face by making some pretty braids of them. She wore a skimpy leopard print bikini. A pair of water sheos was a perfect thing to get for this trip.

Trio got help from Tour guides and explored every single attractive place of the Island Gully Fall. They picked safe path to reach Waterfall and river. It was fun to jump off the rocks into the blue water pool.

Justin’s Lovely wife wore very light floral pink pattern bikini. The birthday girl picked a cute zebra-print one-piece. Kendall wasn’t hesitating to jump from rock to rock with an intention to dive in the water. Guides take pictures of gals while they are having fun around.

Kendall was the daring of all who didn’t hesitate to jump in the pools while keeping her fabulous smile on face.

The Blue Hole is a beautiful low-key tourist place. Trio might picke it because they don’t want to have fun with privacy. They don’t want excited fans to join them in their exercusion. Gals celebrated their Justine’s 24th birthday while hopping up the rocks and jumping direct into blue water. What could be more fun than that?

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