Kate Siegel on Featuring in Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House: ‘I’m Haunted All the Time!’

Kate Siegel on Featuring in Netflix's

Kate Siegel has now notified as an icon of the horror movies. Since she has been featured in movies such as Hush and Ouija: Origin of Evil. However, this time, she is featured on the small screen in The Haunting of Hill House movie on Netflix.

While speaking regarding her new role, she said that she has been performing as Theo. In the movie, she has showcased as a traumatized person. Because of past gloomy happenings which made her family home as haunted.

She said that she got to know things that influenced you in childhood affect you in adulthood as well. The weeks, months and years we have lived in our childhood contribute a lot in shaping us as an adult.

Siegel even related Theo with herself and audience as well.

A Shirley Jackson written horror novel back in 1959 serves as inspiration for featuring The Haunting of Hill House series.

The series is directed by Mike Flanagan, Siegel’s husband.

Michael Huisman from the Game of Thrones along with Hushactress stars, Timothy Hutton from Timothy Hutton from How to Get Away With Murder, Carla Gugino from Spy Kids, and Elizabeth Reaser from The Twilight Saga.

In fact, most of the character remains of the book, Siegel recognized the Netflix feature as a book’s contemporary interpretation

She added that they re-write the film in a way that firstly, blew all the source upside in the air. Afterward, from the smashed pieces, they picked all the pieces back and combined them in a newer way. So that you can enjoy the haunted house genre as per the modern trends.

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