Justin Bieber’s Marriage with Hailey Baldwin Starts Shaking

Justin Bieber

It’s not long ago when Justin Bieber tied the knot with Hailey Baldwin on 13 September 2018 after 12-weeks of engagement in New York surprising not only fans but family as well.

Things were pretty smooth, and everyone was in awe, seeing young love birds in a committing relationship until now.

Rumors are, the couple is seeing a counselor to keep the high waves of depression down. The counselor was suggested by a friend and pastor Judah Smith.

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Hailey Baldwin Talks about Her Feelings for Justin Bieber

During her interview with an entertainment magazine, Hailey revealed she was never a Believer diehard fan, but she did think of him as cute. While everyone was crazy for her, she never felt such a thing for him.

Talking about the on-going crisis and Justin’s depression, Hailey called marriage as ‘very hard’ followed by ‘effing hard.’ She also believes this is how one should lead their wedding with.

The Ups and Downs in Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Relationship

It’s another astonishing fact that the couple dated a few years ago for some time but then broke off owing to specific reasons. Talking about old memories, Justin justified it as negative stuff happens which we still have to talk about and work it out. (Provigil) Upon this Hailey intervein and calls it as ‘a very dramatic excommunication’ to the extent that there came a time when I walked into a room, he would not stay for a moment but walk outside.

However, luckily for them back in June 2018, after a long time, they started seeing each other, and this time, things started falling into place. This was when they decided to get engaged only a month after.

The Recent Depression and Crisis in Justin Bieber’s Life

The pop-singer is now seen sharing his stories about depression on social media requesting to fans for prayers. Justin Bieber continues to question his marriage to Hailey Baldwin reported on celebrityinsider.org.

He seems to be a believer in God as he says, ‘God is faithful, and ur prayers really work thanks.’

He also calls this phase as the most human season he has ever faced. The couple is also seen publicly in an emotional falling in a park. Hailey is, on the other hand, enjoying her time and having fun in her own life.


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