Justin Bieber is applying to become an American citizen before marrying US model Hailey Baldwin, according to the new reports. He will keep possession of his native Canadian citizenship.

“Baby” hit-maker singer was born in Ontario, Canada and living in United States when he moved to Atlanta with his family at the age of 13. He also lives in LA after got fame as a teenage singer.

He already spends most of time in US and his attachment with country will become more stronger after marrying local model Hailey Baldwin. 21-year old American model and Bieber have got marriage license this week when they were spotted a the Marriage Bureau center in New York City.

He grasps a Permanent Resident (Green) Card which allows “Boyfriend” singer to live and work in the USA permanently. At least 18 years old applicant can apply for the American citizenship if he/she possesses a Green Card for a minimum of five years.

He will be awarded citizenship in a oath ceremony after a detailed process of background check, interview and fingerprinting by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

There are also some other examples of US-Canadian citizenship including hip-hop star Drake who can vote and hold public office except American President or Vice President.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin marriage license will be able to use as it becomes valid after 24 hours of registration. Its validity date will expire after exact two months. Hopefully, the couple will use it in upcoming week.

The high-profile couple found in a latest gossip and fans started to search, ‘are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin married?’. It is reported that they only their marriage licence rather than having any marriage ceremony there at the Marriage Bureau.

Despite US citizenship reports, there are also other sources who claim that the love birds will marry outside America. Bieber purchased a new home in Canada recently, where the couple is most likely getting married.