Justin Bieber Shared a Close picture of Him and Hailey with a Poetic Caption


It’s been a year that Justin and Hailey got married but many times they share some romantic pictures of them on their social accounts. From that picture, one can easily get an idea that the couple is still in the honeymoon phase. Same happened today when Justin Bieber wrote a love poem and posted it on Instagram.

As the author of the poem is a musician who has earned named and famed , thus it is no surprise to see that poem went viral after some time.

He shared a picture of him alongside Hailey who is asleep. He is wrapping her arm around her. This cuddy photoshoot gave us an impression of real-life Romeo and Juliet. Where Juliet is asleep and Romeo wrote a few lines about his love for her .

“”My lips get jealous of my arms cuz I can hold you with them.”

According to a source,  “They still act like newlyweds.Justin constantly surprises Hailey with gifts. She is always gushing about what a great husband he is.”

It is not just the Baby Singer who is in love, 22-year-old model also feels the same way.

Baldwin is very important for Bieber especially now when he is going through a depression phase and getting help to get better.

Source said.He feels like he wouldn’t have made it through this year without [her].”

On her one-year proposal anniversary, she shared a photo with the caption “1 year ago I said yes to being your best friend for life, and today I have never loved you more.. life gets more beautiful everyday because of you, my heart belongs to you forever,”

They look great together. We  wish Justin gets out of his depression phase and amaze us with his singles just like old times.

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