Jennifer Lopez Spotted in a Sweatsuit in Blazing hot temperatures

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez never miss a chance to look hot and stylish, no matter what. She was spotted in New Jersey on Friday where she appeared in head-to-toe sweats, simply don’t caring about weather warning.

Actually, a local state of emergency was declared because of hot temperature which wasn’t any far across the Hudson River in the New York City.

I don’t think JLo missed that local warning news on her TV while she was in the middle of her “It’s My Party” tour.  But , it seems like she didn’t want to pay any attention to that warning at all.

The 49-year-old pop star picked Guess Camo sweatsuit while keeping her hood up on the head. We must say that she was looking extremely hot despite the warming of heat wave. She spotted on street ahead of her performance at Newarks’s Prudential Center while temperature hit 90 degrees.

She dressed up and wandered around. It looks like she was completely ready for the show and paid less or no attention to warning. The show went as planned and she put fire on stage as usual.

People of Philadelphia are anxiously waiting for her as she has a show to rock tonight.




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