Jennifer Lopez’s Flat Abs and Tight Arms are ultimate Workout Goals

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If you don’t know how to motivate yourself for Summer’s planks and stretches, then all you have to do is to look at the perfect figure of Jennifer Lopez. She is definitely working hard to maintain her figure, especially when she is getting old. She turned 50 this month.

Recently, she exposed her flat abs and tight arms during a visit to her fiancé-owned UFC gym. She wore a white sporty gym outfit – she picked her favorite pair of Beyond Yoga leggings in white. If you look close at her picture, she wore a white Beyond Yoga Sports bra over the beige racerback bra.

JLo is queen of the glamorous world, so she doesn’t mind going a little fancy with makeup and looks whenever she goes out. Her metallic manicure are matched with her ombre ankle glitter.

She accessorized her look with gold-rimmed sunglasses, large Hoops and Adidas Edge Lux 3 sneakers.

Her sporty outfit instantly draws out attention toward her toned abs and muscular arms. She kept her makeup look natural.

The lesson of this appearance for all women is to start working out on their abs. They should know how to look gorgeous and glamorous, just like JLo. If they want to copycat the singer, they need to live literally in the gym because it won’t be easy to look like her without making any hard effort.

Once you are done with your figure shape, you can grab some glossy lipstick and glittery stuff which JLo used to wear.

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