Jennifer Anniston facial Treatments Helped her Achieved an Ever-Green Gorgeous Look

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Anniston is well-known all over the word as “Rachel” –a role she played in all-time favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv series. This tv shows was released in 1984 and ended in 2004 with total 10 seasons. When you watched this tv show and compare her look “Now and then”, you don’t find much difference. How did she get such an ever-green look? Why does she look gorgeous all the time? Looking for some answers, I have got some for you.

Jennifer Aniston has got some surgical and non-surgical treatment which added to her clear face with no lines on her beautiful face. If you compare her current pictures with that a picture of 20 years ago, you hardly find some differences. So, what facial treatment she took.

Jennifer had a  Rhinoplasty

Nose job is a very famous surgical treatment. Jennifer openly talked that she had gone through this surgical procedure. According to some experts, she might got a cosmetic surgery in which she desired to get a sleek natural bridge and tip.

This surgery result is very natural. She definitely chose an expert who didn’t disturb her face’s natural proportion while enhancing her aesthetic appeal to a great extent.  If you want to take a nose job then this surgical treatment cost  range from £6000-£10,000.

Why Jennifer Anniston doesn’t have lines and wrinkles?

If this is your question then the simple answer is non-surgical treatment Botox. This is another very popular and affordable treatment which flat forehead lines and also disappear crow’s feet. This anti-wrinkle injection cost almost £350 per session. Jennifer might have this treatment twice a year as treatment last only for 4-6 month.

The benefit of Botox is that it smoothes a person’s skin while giving him or her youthful appearance.

Jennifer is Obsessed with Laser Porn

Jennifer Anniston revealed that she is very addicted to “Laser porn”. This is a non-surgical treatment famously named as Laser Peel. This treatment is expensive as it cost £3,175 per treatment. This treatment done in session where each session cost around £635 each . Normally, a physician recommends you to take 3-5 seesions for good results.

Jennifer already told that she got this treatment and she had to hide her skin a week during recovery phase.

Fact is that this American actress might have got surgical and non-surgical treatments like other Hollywood actress. But there is one thing which we all must admit that she has got beauty and cuteness from her genes –which always play an important role when it comes to natural skin beauty.  What do you think?



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