Jean-Claude Arnault, the photographer in Nobel prize scandal, jailed

Jean Claude Arnault
Image Source: El Confidencial

A French photographer has received a sentence of a two-year prison. The scandal proclaimed that he committed a woman’s rape. Due to which, this year’s Nobel Prize has been postponed for Literature.

a Swedish court held Jean-Claude Arnault aged 72, guilty for a woman rape in an apartment on Monday. The incident held back in 2011 at Stockholm.

In Sweden, Arnault is pretty much famous. He was married to a prior member of the centuries-old Swedish Academy.

Consequently, the academy cancelled the current year’s literature award in May.

“The defendant is found guilty of a rape committed during the night between the 5 October and 6 October 2011”. While announcing its verdict, the Stockholm district court declared.

It further mentioned that the victim had also been “awarded compensation for damages” and demanded Arnault for paying around $12,000 (£10,000).

Elisabeth Massi Fritz was the victim’s lawyer. She told that her client was “relieved” ensuing the verdict, according to the report of local media.

How did the Nobel row disclose?

Late 2017, in a Swedish newspaper around 18 women appeared accusing Arnault of sexual assault and harassment in the wake of the #MeToo movement. They asked the state prosecutors for an investigation.

However, he negated the entire asserted incident. In fact, he acclaimed for conducting such activities mostly at his own literary club or Academy owned property.

The Swedish cultural firm submitted an internal report, in April this year.  It followed from lawyers to judicial authorities.

Arnault’s wife, serving as a writer and a poetess, Katarina Frostenson got votes against elimination from its committee of 18-person, the same month follows.

This, besides allegations of conflict of interest along with the Nobel winners’ names leaking. All this resulted in the Academy split and a wave of resignations took place. Also, by Academy’s head, Prof Sara Danius and Ms. Frostenson.

Even though, from a technical viewpoint, the Swedish Academy members cannot resign from their designations. However, they can stop participating in the Academy’s activities.


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