Jane the Virgin Season 5 | Twists and Turns | Jane and Rafael’s Closeness

Jane The Virgin Season 5

 CW to gear-up “Jane the Virgin” with New Turns and Twists!

Jane the Virgin is an American Romantic Dramedy Television Series. It centers the It has completed 4 Seasons with the successful journey and praise. The series focuses on Jane’s life, an unmarried and a virgin lady. Accidentally, injected sperms into her body which leads to pregnancy. Hence, the series then followed some dramatic sequences of Jane’s life after becoming a mother of a child even when she was still a virgin.

Now, the series is running on screen with its Season 5. The Season 5 has completed its 11 episodes. It airs on CW every Wednesday at 9 pm.

Season 5 is going to add some more spice in the romantic dramedy ” Jane the Virgin”.    Till now, we witnessed Jane and Michael’s confused relationship. Jane’s distress because of Michael’s return. Breakdown of Jane after Rafael asked her to leave. As Rafael thought she would choose Michael over him once again. During all this, many other events took place which includes Mateo’s diagnosis with ADHD. It makes Jane realize that she is not even a good parent.

The upcoming episode will follow Jane and Rafael’s togetherness. It is a good sign for the fans. Although, they seem to team-up for Mateo’s recovery. But it is quite possible that they will end up having each other back in their lives. 

The 12th Episode will be worth watching of Jane the Virgin, this Wednesday at 9 pm on CW. To know what else will happen and how the series will end, as it is the final season of the series, Stay Tuned and Keep Watching Jane the Virgin!


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