Jamie Oliver Net Worth: TV Chef ‘Saddened’ As His Restaurant Chain Goes Into Bankruptcy!

Jamie Oliver's Net Worth His After Restaurant Group Declares Bankruptcy, 1,300 Lose Jobs!

Jamie Oliver Net Worth

Jamie Oliver’s chain is getting ready to judgment in directors to rescue it from the brink of a collapse, which might place thirteen hundred jobs in threat.

As Jamie Oliver has spent a net worth of £13million of his own cash to save his failing restaurant chain. After that, he is still has a worth of £100 million with superfluity lodges and a worthwhile career on the TV screen.

His almost 1300 employers are shedding tears for losing jobs as his 22 restaurants were closed due to bankruptcy. But after closing his restaurants he has enough money to have a lavish lifestyle and all is thanks to his a successful career for the TV screen.

According to the reports in 2014, Jamie Oliver’s net worth is £240 million. But now he has lost millions due to failing his empire of restaurants.

Although an accurate amount is not available. But it is heard that he has invested a lot of money to set his restaurants empire. And then he lost round about £71.5million in 2018. One of his Jamie’s Italian Restaurant considered as the most profit earning branch of his business chain.

However, Jamie is a specialized cook, especially for school-going teenagers. For this, he has made several campaigns for using the fresh meal instead of a frozen meal. And he also maintains his fifteen restaurants where he made many cooks a special one.

While under the light of news Jamie Tweets as her status:


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