Jacob Elords Height In Feet How Tall Is He Really And Biography

Jacob Elords

Growing up, my grandmother always told me stories of giants that existed a long time ago. From the description, it was meant to believe that giants are always tall. But is that the case? Well, Jacob Elord might believe in the same conspiracy theory. During a recent interview, Elord revealed that he has been lying about his height to get a job. Jacob Elords height in feet is 6.5″ contrary to the 6.2″ or 6.3″ he has been previously saying.

Moreover, he appreciates the fact the numbers have sold him out as an actor. Having that kind of height may come with both advantages and limitations in whatever you are doing. Jacob Elord may have learned the art of using his height positively; that is why he has become one of the most admired Netflix actors.

Jacob Elord family

Looking at Jacob, we all question the origin of his genes. Can you believe that none of his family members is close to six feet? Going through his photos, we can confirm that Jacob is the tallest person in his family. Then his height genes never came from the parents. His siblings are not that tall either.

Jacob Elord family

How Jacob Elords height has disadvantaged him

During a recent interview, Jacob said that most people always think he is good at basketball which is not the case. But would you blame them for thinking so? We all believe tall people are good at sport, especially netball, and basketball, don’t we? When most people meet Jacob, they always ask him if he plays the two sports. But are all tall people good at sport? Most of us believe they are.

During their vacation in the United States of America, Jacob and Kaia Garber seem to be enjoying their relationship. With Kaia Garber being 5’9″, you may question how easy it is for the couple to kiss. Seems like Jacob has to bend for that kiss. That height will always restrict you to the times you may kiss your partner. Moreover, holding hands is known as being an act of romance. But with that height, is it even logical to hold hands? When he was in a relationship with Joey King, people always made fun of them because Joey was too short for Jacob. However, they were a cute couple.

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Jacob Elrod has had his success story in acting but trusts me, and it is never easy for the producers and camera people. We all understand that acting involves a lot of video shooting. Getting the right angles takes some expertise. Jacob says that he has never met a crew member of the same height or even closer. Sometimes he is even forced to set up those cameras by himself to get the best video shooting angle.

Jacob Elord family

Most door entrances are usually 6 feet. For someone like Elord, he always has to make some awkward bends at the door entrances. Moreover, car doors are usually very low. Getting into most cars is usually very hard with Jacob Elord’s height in feet. Besides, in most car varieties, he still ends up being too tall to sit upright. For buses, the average bus height in America is around 6’1″. He has knocked his head severally before realizing how inconvenient the buses are. The bus seats are neither comfortable for someone that tall.

Do those table manufacturers even think of tall people? Jacob says he has had several occasions not to fit his feet under hotel and conference tables. ‘I am force to make some awkward sitting positions.’


Jacob plays a crucial role in any video shooting crew. Setting up the cameras and lights at favorable angles is usually his job. With Elord as part of your crew, you do not need to stand on tables or ladders to set up those cameras.

For men, society highly appreciates the height factor. Jacob has taken his height positively and made it an esteem booster. Women love tall guys. Elrod says that the most attractive thing he has as a man is his height. ‘Maybe I could not be having Kaia by my side if it wasn’t for my height,’ he reiterated.

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Being 6’5,” you will always stand out. Most people don’t take it positively, but Jacob Elord loves being noticed. Being an actor, having a love for cameras comes naturally.

Taller people are often accorded much respect. Elrod has enjoyed being respected in all gigs. Starting at a very young age, you can see the essence of respect. He has not only gained respect in his career but also amongst his friends.

Conclusion of Jacob Elords

Being very tall may give you an advantage over the rest. However, if you do not take it positively, it may work against you. Jacob Elord’s height in feet stands out. It is the greatest aspect that has made him a stand-out actor. Trying to search for Elord’s story online, his height won’t miss to come up. I knew Jacob because of his height, and I believe that is the case for most people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jacob Elord’s parents also that tall?

Jacob Elord is the tallest person in his family. With recent family photos on his Instagram page, we can confirm that he is almost a foot taller than both parents.

What is Jacob Elord’s height in feet?

Jacob Elord’s height has been questioned severally. He even had to lie about being 6′ 3″ to get into acting gigs. Recently he decided to spill the beans saying that he is 6’5″

Has Jacob Elords ever had an interest in sports?

No. Jacob loves acting, and that is it. Most of his friends persuade him to try sports, but he is not interesting at all. But he can be a good sportsman, what do you think?

Who is Jacob Elords Girlfriend?

Recently Jacob confirmed that he is actually in love with Kaia Garber. After breaking up with Joey King last year, it seems that your favorite actor has moved on so fast. Jacob and Kaia Garber spott on vacation in the United States in December.


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