Is Your iPad Slow? Try these Tips for Optimized Performance


All things slow down with time. The same is true for iPads. We’ve got some great tips here for you that’ll make your device seem new again.

Delete Apps You No Longer Use

The first thing to do is to make sure there aren’t any extra apps on your gadget. Apps take up precious space. Freeing up space makes it easier for iOS to operate.

Make sure that you permanently delete the app entirely and not just close it. If you have limited storage available, deleting apps that are no longer in your users will have a remarkable effect on the system.

The procedure is effortless. Simply press and hold on the app icon that you want to delete until it starts to jump around. Tap on the small X that appears on the top right corner of the icon and the app will be deleted.

If you’re trying to delete multiple apps, there’s a simple and effective way to do it. Rather than deleting the apps individually, just go to Settings > General > iPad storage. On top, there will be a graph of your usage, some recommendations, then the list of all your apps arranged according to the amount of storage space that they are currently using. Look for the items that you can definitely live without or those that haven’t been used in a very long time. Tap Delete App to eliminate the app and all the data that it had on your device.

Once you’re done here, restart your device. It refreshes the memory and it can start from scratch.

Stop Background App Refresh

Another way to make your device run faster is to turn off the features that you can do without. Start by ending the Background App Refresh. When this feature is on, your device will be continuously working in the background, checking for updates for all your apps.

Social networking sites are famously known for that. If you have a lot of active apps, they will obviously be taking up a lot of processing power from your iOS without you even knowing.

You can select which apps should have this feature on and which apps should not be able to access it. Go to Setting > General > Background App Refresh and turn it off for all apps or select the apps yourself.

Update to the Latest Version of iOS

In general, there are mixed feelings about updating the system software. Latest versions of iOS introduce new features, patches for bugs and efficient code. But sometimes they can actually slow down an old device.

However, the latest version of the system software, iOS 12.2, assures of speed boost on old as well as new devices.

Clear Safari’s Cache

Safari is probably the one app that slows down more than most. This is mostly due to full cache, that Safari has to sift through. Go to Setting > General > Clear History and Website Date to remove all the cache stored there. This should definitely speed up the interface, although web pages may take longer to load in the short term.

Find Out if Your Web Connection is Slow

If you still think that your device is slow, then maybe the issue is not with your device, the issue can be your internet connection.

It doesn’t matter how fast your device or your system software is, if the connection is weak then all your efforts are in vain.

Download a connection speed test app and check the speed of your internet connection. That just might solve all your problems.

Solution? Move your Wifi router closer or try to find a good Wifi Repeater that will ensure a Wifi signal in rooms that were not getting the signal normally. If you’re in an office, look for the best iPad rental company.

Stop Unnecessary Notifications

Notifications are usually very helpful, but sometimes they are a nuisance, especially when someone tags you on some social networking platform or when an app wants you to purchase something or your favorite game tries to inform you that you now have more lives. Go to Settings > Notifications and turn off notifications for all the apps that do not need your immediate attention.

Do You Really Need Location Services All the Time?

While Location Service is really convenient sometimes, it can be a real bother as it sits in the back and takes up crucial battery power and decreases performance. Turn it off when you don’t need it.

Enable Reduce Motion

If you’ve done all the above and still you’re looking for a bit of more speed, you can get a boost by turning off all the visual effects. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turn it on.


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