Is Scottish Kilt Fashion only for Men? Let’s Dig Deep

Scottish Kilt Fashion only for Men

More and more men today are giving preferences to Scottish Kilt over jeans and trousers. It is becoming a trendy fashion dress among men.

However, why they are dumping their old jeans for contemporary kilts?

Another question that comes typically into the mind is whether this dress is only for men or women can also wear it.

When it comes to Scottish Kilt, different people have different questions. In this post, I will address most common issues and try to provide you some satisfactory answers.

First Thing First: What is Scottish Kilt?

Scottish Kilt is a name of dress which is similar to a pleated skirts girl worn these days. The first Kilt was “Great Kilt” or Feileadh Mhor created in the 16th Century. A 5ft wide and 21ft long wool cloth named brecan was used for its preparation.

The fabric was folded into several loose pleats and wrap around the wearer’s waist and then fixed in place through a leather belt.

The spare cloth was pulled over the head or shoulder to protect the wearer from cold winds or harsh weather effects. It was worn with a long-sleeved tunic often.

Peek into History of Scottish Kilts

Whenever people talk about national costumes of Scotland, the name of Scottish Kilt first pop up in mind.  This garment has its roots in Scottish culture.

When Scotland was invaded by other countries like Scandinavians, Viking, and Romans, these countrymen appeared with different kinds of costumes. Some wore tunic while others dressed up with shirts and cloaks. It is believed that first Scottish Kilt is a combination of all these outfits of war-era of Scotland.

No one knows how exactly this dress is evolved, but it was adjusted in a way to make it suitable for the environment of the Scottish Highlands.

Variety of Scottish Kilt

These days, you are able to find a wide range of Kilt. Frequently Tartan cloth is used for the manufacturing of casual or utility tilt.

However, when men want to create a fashion statement, then leather kilt comes handy. You can find both formal and informal Kilt in the scottishkiltcollection.

Fashion-forward guys like to grab denim kilt as they can easily replace jeans and trousers.  Men who want to portray Scotland fashion and culture often opt for Tartan Kilt.

Is Scottish Kilt Fashion only for men?

Well, the answer is no. If you look back in the past then Kilts were only for men. They used to wear them. However, now, things have changed. We are living in the 21st Century, where women are considered equal to men in every aspect of life.

Therefore, if someone tells you that Scottish Kilt is an outfit designed only for men, then it is a lie.

Check latest fashion magazines where both men and women are wearing Scottish Kilt.

Are Scottish Kilt Only for Scottish people?

Of course not, the exciting thing is that people who are not initially from the Scottland like to wear this outfit.  They feel very comfortable with it.

I was reading reviews of Scottish Kilt on a website last day where many men and women shared their experiences.

They were happy to replace their jeans with the Kilt, most of them were non-Scott people. Some women like to wear Kilt as it offers instant fashion look to them.

So, fashion and comfort are two primary reasons which convince both Scottish and non-Scottish people to consider wearing this comfy dress –which is airy in summer. In winter, people can wear wool, leather, and denim kilt for keeping their legs warm.

When to Wear Scottish Kilt?

Traditionally, Scottish Kilt is worn by people on formal occasions like wedding or military events. Men like to wear Kilt alongside Rugby kit and attend a Rugby or football match. However, this trend of considering Kilt as formal wear has changed in the last decade.

These days, people are using Tartan kilt as a casual outfit. They wear it and perform routine tasks like shopping, going for a walk with their friends, driving, hiking and so on.

Even many men like to wear Scottish Kilt in office. They think that they can handle their office task with ease while wearing this comfortable dress.

What to Wear with  Scottish Kilt?

It is your personal choice. If you want to follow Scottish tradition, then a tunic with long-sleeve seems like the best idea.

Tartan kilts have different colors in it so you can wear it with a one-colored t-shirt.  

Another sophisticated yet outclass combination is wearing a jacket with a kilt. Camouflage kilts were traditionally worn by hunters to keep them safe and hide them in the jungle.

However, these days, guys like to grab it and try it with black-rugged look jackets, especially when they want to make a real fashion statement in a party or club.

Wrap up

Finally, you know that Scottish Kilts are not only for Scotts and men. Women, kids, and non-Scottish people can wear them with beauty and grace. Still, have some questions in mind? Feel free to ask.


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