Is it worth buying a smartwatch with Internet access for a child?


Today, modern technologies are tailored to the requirements of virtually everyone – not only teenagers and adults but also seniors and children of several years can easily use them. Conscious use of the Internet can bring many benefits, but remember that the benefits of technology should be used with caution – especially if we are talking about the youngest users of smart devices.

Why, instead of a watch with Internet access, is it better to give your child a waterproof smartwatch with GPS, phone function, and interesting features, such as a camera? There are indeed many reasons.

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Your child wants to be just like you

When your child begins to grow up, surely as a parent, you are able to observe how much is taking place in his behavior. With greater curiosity about the world around them, imitating favorite characters, and replicating the behavior of those around them – the developing toddler is truly a keen observer of reality.

When a child sees his parents using computers, smartwatches, or tablets, he often demands to get his hands on the device. If his requests are not met, he usually reacts with nerves or crying. Overwhelmed parents very often give in and allow their toddlers to enjoy the technological benefits of the 21st century. However, are all devices suitable for our children?

Is the Internet a good place for a child?

When raising our child, we want to be the best possible example for him. However, we must remember that our kids take over many habits and customs from us – both good and bad.

So if you’re a parent who uses a modern phone or smartwatch with Internet access, and you spend a really long time with the device, there’s a high probability that your little one will very quickly ask you for a similar device with which to play games and go online. 

And just as today virtually every teenager already has his or her own smartphone and profiles on social media channels, the question is whether, for a younger child, this type of entertainment will also be suitable.

Is the Internet a good place for a toddler, and is it worth gifting a several-year-old with a piece of equipment that can make him addicted to using the Web at an early age?

Smartwatch with Internet access for a child as an alternative to a smartphone

When we have no doubt that our child is still too young for his first cell phone, we look for some interesting alternative – a replacement that will allow us to control what is happening with our kid when we are not next to him.

Smartwatches – GPS smartwatches that toddlers can always wear on their wrists – are perfect here. The choice of such devices is really wide. Sometimes succumbing to the pressure and requests that a child directs in our direction, we choose a model with Internet access for a few-year-old toddler.

Is this really responsible on our part?

Let’s remember that access to the web in the hands of a child doesn’t have to be just about having fun playing games, sending each other pictures, or watching cartoons. Smartwatches with Internet access are also dangers.

The ubiquitous hegemony, the pressure to have a lot of things, or to look appropriate. Even by sensitizing our child not to talk to strangers or make online friends, we can never really predict everything that can happen online.

How to choose the right smartwatch for a child?

We must be aware that older children, those who are already “in their teens”, will be hard to convince us not to use the Internet. The best solution here will be adequate parental control and verification of what content our kid is browsing on the Internet.

The situation is different for younger children. Since toddlers don’t have the need to go online often, instead of a smartphone or smartwatch with Internet access, it’s worth giving them a gadget that will meet their childhood expectations.

A smartwatch with GPS, phone function, video calling, built-in camera, pedometer, or interesting games will be an excellent replacement for devices that allow logging into web browsers or social media channels.

Smartwatch GPS for kids without internet access

The purpose of a smartwatch with GPS is to protect your child on many levels, and to provide them with the fun and enjoyment that comes from owning an interesting, modern device. Models available from Safe Family, such as the Locon Watch Video GPS smartwatch and Locon Watch Lite, have a SIM card, enable location, make voice calls, or send SOS alerts.

Instead of checking websites, a several-year-old can use built-in puzzle and math games, a pedometer, or a camera. The child has everything he or she needs on the watch.

Smartwatch, which means you always know when your child needs help

Every children’s smartwatch available from Safe Family not only has a camera or games, but most importantly is equipped with a GPS transmitter. Even the ability to send text messages does not guarantee that in the event of an accident, your toddler will be able to ask you for help in time, which is why it is so important to be able to constantly locate your several-year-old. Buying a smartwatch is a really serious decision, so it is worth preparing for it properly.

GPS locator for a child or convenient remote care.

An advanced smartwatch is, one might say, a miniaturized GPS locator that a toddler wears on his wrist every day. Before you choose a particular smartwatch for your child, it is essential to check the battery capacity of the device and the application it works with. The service should be secured so that you and your toddler’s data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Safe child, calm parent

A young child does not need to have a smartwatch with Internet access at all. When you choose solutions from Safe Family, in addition to the device and the selected package, you also get access to a Polish, dedicated application.

It is the service and the GPS watch, which already includes a SIM card, that allows you to quickly locate your toddler, designate safety zones, or receive SOS notifications as soon as 3 seconds after your child sends an alert.

Wanting to fully protect your several-year-old, bet on a solution that will not further expose him to the dangers of Internet use. Responsible care, full parental control, and peace of mind – all the essentials you’ll find in Safe Family.

In GPS watch models from Safe Family, your child will find a built-in camera or pedometer to encourage physical activity. Both Locon Watch Video and Locon Watch Lite are designed for younger and older children. Our advanced models are convincing not only in terms of looks and touchscreen – your child is sure to like this type of first standalone phone as well!


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