Is it For Real? Prince William and Kate Middleton’s divorce.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s

As much as we’d hope it wasn’t, it actually is true. Prince William confirmed this news himself that Kate Middleton; his wife; has been even sleeping in a different bedroom rather
than their matrimonial bedroom. She sleeps in the room next to the kids’.

She will have to give up her tiara’s, gowns, dresses, and what not because they belong to the monarchy. For her survival and financial aids, she will be writing a series of books to support herself.

Who Will Keep the Kids?

It is not sure about the kids but it’s said that Prince William will get to decide which kid to keep, it could be one or two. And one of them will become this heir. The child Kate will choose to keep with her will become a commoner like herself. The third
the child would be kept in royalty.

They still haven’t decided which two have to be in royalty yet, with their royal titles and
lifestyles though. The whole of the UK seems to be very upset about this news as the
situation is extremely sad especially after hearing that Prince William has stated that Kate only used him as a sperm bank. He has even made a tinder account where the description has him looking for a mother to two of his children that his new girlfriend will have to take care of not only the kids but he also wants a loyal wife and a Duchess.

How Did the Country React?

The UK is upset because all of us had set high hopes for this couple’s future and heir. Especially after the new baby was born, everyone cheered and no one could have even imagined in their wildest thoughts that there would come such a day. Kate Middleton, though, might be a little upset and not ok.


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