Is “Chernobyl” HBO series better than “Game of Thrones” and ” Breaking Bad”?

Chernobyl tv show

As you know HBO is one of the biggest platforms of the series. The Chernobyl is one of the most popular and latest modern history series, and if you compared with GOT and Breaking bad, then I think Chernobyl is better than both series.

Cragin Mazin is the creator of the series and tells the true story of HBO miniseries. It is one of the complicated stories there the et Union tried to hide information as long as possible.

The location was selected in Lithuania and Ukraine; however, the structure was used that built in the Soviet Union region. Well `many people ask about why they did not use the Russian accent in miniseries. Chernobyl showed that saved Europe from nuclear fallout.

Let’s talk about the episode of the series. The first episode is a timestamp the clock that shows “1:23:45″. According to spoilers, the mentioned time is a core of creator exploded. The alarming situation is that fire alarm rang after a few minutes because that was not activated. After the explosion, scenes are worth gold, and after a few minutes, things look crucial and different.

Please Remain Calm is the second episode of the series. This episode is all about the town of Pripyat where immediately fir evacuated, but that was not an issue. A huge disaster happens because the fire was not ended before 36 hours. Buses came and took people out of the city because it’s a matter of w days. A message was given to residents in which said,” Please Keep calm and orderly in the process of this short term evacuation. Here is a short clip of this episode.

further through the third episode, which titles is ” Open Wide, O Earth.” The event starts with three engineers, and they use dynamo torches to light their way to the valves. But in actually they are guiding the people for specific direction, and in the whole event, people are exposed to fatal doses of radiation.

Hope you’ll find interesting this series. It is also a better option than GOT and Breaking Bad.

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