IoT applications development in a few simple words


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of physical objects interconnected by using built-in sensors, software, and/or other technologies. This correlation is necessary to transfer data to other devices in the system or to other systems over the Internet. So, in this article, let us tell you more about the Internet of Things and iot applications development services. Keep on reading!

IoT and its features: close-up

Simply put, due to the Internet of Things, physical objects go online to send or receive information. Yet, how did all this start?

The Internet of Things has been around for a long time, but only recent advances have made it practical and widely used. Even 15 years ago, machine-to-machine communication was used in most cases in complex industries, and today IoT devices surround us everywhere. 

A variety of items can be connected to the Internet, like: 

  • online baby monitoring; 
  • clocks;
  • counters; 
  • production units; 
  • eco-stations, etc.

The development of computing abilities, cloud technologies, analytics, and wireless communication has allowed physical objects to exchange information with minimal human intervention. Today, digital systems can record, monitor, and customize every interaction between connected objects, solving many complex problems. There has been a collaboration between the digital and physical worlds.

The expansion of the technical capabilities of the Internet of Things has opened up access to low-cost technologies with low power consumption. And the availability and reliability of modern sensors have made IoT a modern solution for a wide range of manufacturers and businesses.

The Internet of Things uses many network protocols to access the Internet. This makes it easy to connect a variety of sensors to the cloud and other things for efficient data transfer. Cloud platforms have become more accessible, giving consumers and businesses easy access to the infrastructure they need to scale without having to physically manage it.

The development of machine learning and analytics has made it possible to access various data stored in the cloud, and today enterprises can collect information faster, and push the boundaries of their capabilities.

How does IoT work?

The Internet of Things network consists of smart devices that have access to the Internet. 

To work, they use embedded systems, like: 

  • processors;
  • sensors;
  • equipment for collecting; 
  • sending and processing data received from their environment. 

Through a connection to the Internet or another peripheral device connected to the network, data is exchanged between IoT devices.

Next, all information is sent to the cloud server for analysis and processing. In some cases, IoT devices communicate with other IoT devices and act on information received from each other.

Most processes in the Internet of things occur without human intervention, but at the same time, a person can interact with any device: give commands, instructions, and access information.

The convenience, cost-effectiveness, and variety of IoT use-cases make the Internet of Things the most important technology of the 21st century and will continue to gain momentum. As more companies realize the potential of the Internet of Things, the number of connected devices will increase and functionality will continue to evolve.

How to develop an application for IoT products?

Choose your devices

It is not necessary to be a manufacturer of your own IoT devices. It may be best to consider integration with existing solutions to reduce the cost of developing your unique product. Or, better ask the real specialists from Weelorum.

How to choose IoT devices? 

No matter if you work on your own devices or integrate your app with some already created solutions, check it according to the next requirements:  

  • data storage and processing potential; 
  • niche communication norms; 
  • compelling power management.

Safety priority 

IoT application security is one of the biggest challenges facing the world of Internet-connected networks. Usually, attacks involve allocated DOS attacks, spam attacks, and takeovers because of poor code quality, bugs, or illegitimate access. As the number of IoT devices will grow, the security of communications and the software product itself must be given a lot of time.

Choose an IoT platform 

An IoT platform is a framework that ties together the major parts of an IoT architecture. There is a possibility to find out your own solution or use one of the most well-known platforms such as Google Cloud Platform.

Types of IoT platforms typically include:

  • end-to-end platforms: they provide comprehensive solutions: from data transmission and processing to analytics and application implementation;
  • connection platforms: they provide a network for connecting devices within the system;
  • cloud solutions: they provide robust, scalable infrastructure.

Focus on user experience (UX)

Creating an IoT application, do not forget how important it is to put users first. 

If you are not sure how to do this, try to answer the next questions:  

  1. What problems is your IoT application supposed to solve? 
  2. What tasks would you like to make easier for your future users?

More than this, do your best to make research and business study of the problem itself. Pay attention to how your competitors deal with the same difficulties, what approaches they prefer, etc. This all will help you discover the way your future clients can use your application. Moreover, this will help you avoid other difficulties in the next stages of product development. 

Make it effective 

So, now, you know how it is necessary to concentrate on the successful user experience. Yet, spend enough time to make your IoT application the same handy for the specialist who will service it. In this step, try to make your product also easy to maintain.

In addition, it is crucial to give managers the real ability to simply make conclusions and gather analytics from your IoT application. Let them see the whole picture and use the collected knowledge to enhance the product itself.

Wrapping it up

Already today, the introduction of the Internet of Things in the business allows you to win the competition, achieve an increase in production parameters, create effective business processes, and solve complex and previously costly issues. Weelorum is a manufacturer, developer, and integrator of turnkey IoT solutions that help to solve many complex problems in various business areas. So, do not hesitate to contact them if you search for the best IoT application development services. Thank you for your attention!


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