Increasing Demand of Online Video Downloaders: Which Are The Top Video Downloading Apps for Android?

Video Downloaders

We all love watching videos. In fact, in this multimedia and online streaming era, videos are the most popular choice for entertainment. Today’s internet world has come a long way in terms of both software and hardware technologies. Everyone has a good smartphone, cameras, and other multimedia devices to capturing, uploading, watching and downloading photos & videos on a variety of websites such as YouTube, Netflix, and many other streaming apps.

Why Do We Need Video Downloaders?

These popular streaming apps also provide the feature of offline saving of video, so why do we need specialized video downloading apps? There are several reasons for this. Moreover, the offline downloading option given by streaming apps has several restrictions. 

These saved videos can only be seen in their respective apps, you can’t copy them to other people, other devices, i.e. on offline storage. One can’t edit these videos, can’t share them on social media. In short, you can just watch that video offline, but can’t use it for other operations. 

So, how can you use any video of your choice as you want? Here what the video downloader comes into play. They allow downloading any online video to store on your storage device.

Today’s popular video downloading apps like vidmate app download is packed with a lot of features, both streaming and downloading. In this article, we’re going to see the best video downloading apps available free for android.


  • TubeMate


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TubeMate is a magnificent third-party Android video downloader application. It has a feature-rich interface that is simple to utilize, and you can download videos from different video sharing locales. It accompanies an inherent program where you can get to the locales you need. You can download the video from the favored webpage. The downloaded videos are put away in your phone memory by default. 


  • Videoder


Videoder is an amazing YouTube video downloader for Android. You can browse different destinations to download the videos, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth. It permits streaming and downloading of videos in all video formats and qualities available out there. 

You can without much of time look over any quality you like, and can likewise share the video from inside the application. The application is adaptable and accompanies an amazing UI. 


  • Vidmate App


VidMate is an amazing Android video downloader application. The application is truly reliable to download YouTube videos. Vidmate offers you with a quick video downloading speed, yet you can likewise alter the rate and select the favored download area inside its vidmate download video settings. 

Furthermore, the application incorporates an implicit video player, music player, and you can likewise make a scrambled space inside the application to conceal videos. You just have to download vidmate apk from any browser or 9apps store, then install it with the package installer. This is not available on Google Play.


  • NewPipe


It’s an open-source Android application that can be utilized to snatch the content. It merits referencing that this lightweight download doesn’t utilize any restrictive YouTube API or Google’s Play administrations. 

NewPipe means to give unique YouTube application experience to its clients without showing any irritating advertisements. It is an open-source application with an exceptionally consistent interface.


  • Snaptube


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Snaptube is one of the reliable video downloaders for Android. It has an easy to understand interface which is sorted out by mainstream locales, famous videos, and classes. You can likewise play out a Youtube search legitimately from its search bar.


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