Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block Symptoms And Causes

Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block

Generally, an incomplete right bundle branch block tends to occur from the problem with the ability of hearts to conduct electric signals properly. In most cases, people with a healthy heart face no symptoms at all. It might occur only if you have some other heart-related conditions.

Further, incomplete RBBB (Right Bundle Branch Block) is considered as the abnormality of the heart. It happens when the electrocardiogram notifies a slight delay in electrical conduction on the right bundle. The level of the rate is 15% for the general population. On the other hand, other heart diseases can be associated with this condition. Usually, it is described as an RSR pattern level where V1-3 with QRS duration should be less than 120ms. Nevertheless, a standard variant for the human heart, primarily seen in children with no clinical condition.

Okay, it may sound a bit difficult. But trust me; I’m going to make it easy as pie for you to understand. Let’s dive deeper to understand everything related to the incomplete right bundle branch block. So, let’s get started.

The function of the right bundle branch block

As we all know, our heart consists of four chambers with two upper chambers named atria and two lower chambers called ventricles. We can measure our heartbeat with an electrical signal in a sinoatrial (SA) node. In the right atrium, we can find the SA node. From here, the signal of the heart is carried to the left atrium. Eventually, it travels through both left and right ventricles. The heart muscle gets triggered in order to contract in a coordinated action.

Next, there are Bundle Branches that act as a special group which is made of fibers, carry the signals that convey the signal from atria to all the way to ventricles. This is where you get to know about both the right and left bundle branches. Sometimes, the right bundle branch faces difficulties sending the heart’s electrical signals to the right ventricles. Here the electric signals trouble to travel the pathway normally. Even though it does get to the right ventricles, it tends to travel to the left ventricle first than the right ventricles. As a result, it takes a bit extra negligible time. Because of this, the right ventricles contract in a bit of delay compared to normal time. As a result, it ultimately causes the heart to transport less blood than usuals.

Most of the time, young people rarely face the problem of RBBB, but it seems to be seen more often in older people. As with age, the heart tends to change a bit overall. Besides, the conduction system impacts as well. Other than this, people with other lung or heart diseases may also find RBBB problems as well. It may also be considered as an effect of abnormal heart activities and procedures.

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What Are the Reasons Behind Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB)

There are a bunch of conditions for which the Right Bundle Branch Block can happen. For instance:

  • If there is a Heart Disease seen in the Lungs because of High Blood Pressure. It is called Pulmonary Hypertension in the medical field.
  • Other than this, if lung disease happens because of Chronic Obstructive or called COPD, then the RBBB might occur.
  • Moreover, if Cor Pulmonale or Blood Clot are seen in the lung, it might be another reason for RBBB in the body.
  • Also, various heart muscle diseases might be another reason for RBBB. It is called Cardiomyopathy in the medical field.
  • Along with this, sometimes, right-sided heart failure has been seen in patients; this can be a reason for RBBB.
  • In most cases, the Heart Attack plays as a reason behind the Right Bundle Branch Block.
  • In addition to this, sometimes, inflammable membranes have been seen which surround the heart. Because of this, it becomes a key factor behind the RBBB in the patient’s body.
  • Also, congenital heart disease is also a factor behind this.
  • Moreover, there are a bunch of syndromes like inherited arrhythmia sometimes considered as a reason for RBBB.
  • Also, surgical or interventional action on the heart might act as a reason for Right Bundle Branch Block.

How can we detect the symptoms of RBBB?

In most cases, no symptoms occur because of RBBB by itself. But in some cases, RBBB may make the condition worse for the patients and result in Heart Failure. When a person faces other heart-related problems, then the symptoms of RBBB might occur.

How can we diagnose RBBB?

We can diagnose RBBB with the assistance of an electrocardiogram machine, known as ECG. A healthcare provider can help you with the machinery assistance. Usually, you can get the information about your heart through an electric system and scale through the test. Mostly, people usually find the symptoms or problems of RBBB when they have an ECG test done because of some other causes. Most of the time, a cardiologist or a general practitioner diagnoses you first. The test of ECG may include some other test for instance,

  • To check the flow of blood in the heart motion.
  • Have an assessment of lung functionality.
  • To check the work rate of blood cells.

How Can We Treat Right Bundle Branch Block

In most cases, healthy people are not exposed to RBBB and rarely face any significant impact on mortality to those who have decent heart conditions.  As a result, people without any kind of heart disease should not be concerned about any type of treatment related to RBBB. But people can go for a follow-up check up on a heart diagnosis with a careful evaluation by doctors. But in rare cases, some people might need a permanent long-term pacemaker with RBBB. Nevertheless, a person with another heart condition can find out about RBBB through ECG easily.

How Can We Manage Right Bundle Branch Block

A Healthcare provider or doctor might assist you with necessary instructions on how you can manage RBBB and an overview of overall heart care procedures. You need to adopt a change towards a healthy lifestyle considering weight management, healthy food, quitting smoking or alcohol etc. Other than this, you can regularly monitor your heart symptoms and consult a good doctor on a regular basis. Moreover, you can regularly maintain a checkup routine from a doctor to get updated about your heart condition.

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Essential factors about RBBB

  • As RBBB directly impacts the heart’s condition and functional system, the RBBB conducting system might get blocked fully or partially. As a result, the right ventricle may occur in a little delay than it should.
  • You need to maintain proper health care instructions given by your doctor or healthcare provider and take all the medicines that have been prescribed to you.
  • Sometimes you may not find any symptoms but still, detect the RBBB Through ECG machines by the doctor. In that case, you must monitor yourself through a doctor for follow-up.
  • As RBBB can affect and trigger other heart-related diseases, you need to be conscious about other health conditions as well.
  • In most cases, people do not require heavy treatment for RBBB, But they might eventually need to get a pacemaker as treatment.
  • If you feel severe symptoms of the heart, consult doctors as soon as possible before it gets to a worse situation.

FAQs: Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block

1. Should I be concerned about the right bundle branch block?

Answer: If you are suffering from heart disease, namely heart attack or failure, then the right bundle branch block is serious, and you should be concerned. If you found this disease without wasting any time, check for a screening. It’ll help you to escape the cardiovascular heart chances.

2. Can I exercise with the right bundle branch block?

Answer: Generally, RBBB reduces the blood flow in your heart. Moreover, it is linked to a higher prevalence of hypertension. That’s why if you do any kind of exercise, it reduces your metabolic function. Besides, you may also feel a reduced heart rate stabilization and greater discomfort.

3. Which bundle branch block is worse?

Answer: It doesn’t matter which branch of your heart is blocked. The main fact is, do you have any underlying heart problems? If yes, then the left bundle block can cause more damage. Normally, people have a left bundle block.

4. Can a right bundle branch block go away?

Answer: Heart disease is crucial. However, with proper medication and discipline, you can mitigate most chances.  For instance, take control over your high blood pressure; be cautious about your medicines. This way, you can keep your heart in good condition. Nonetheless, simple medication can’t help you thoroughly to cure RBBB. It only reduces future possibilities.

Final Thoughts:

By now, you have understood what an incomplete right bundle branch block is. However, let’s recap once more. In brief, this is a state where your heart doesn’t really respond to the electric pulses because of the disruption faced by the barrier/ block. As a result, the blood faces difficulty in flowing efficiently.

To conclude, we discussed everything related to RBBB in a very simple language. Therefore, you don’t need to be in the medical profession to understand everything. Still, if you have any questions related to any segment of the topic, let us know in the comment section. We’ll assist you in any situation. Don’t forget to check other articles and leave a thumbs up to appreciate our hard work. Great day!


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