In Pakistan’s District Larkana, 13 Children out of 16 infected with HIV/AIDS

HIV in Larkana

In a city of Pakistan Larkana, 13 children were tested for Human immunodeficiency virus. Larkana city is located in Pakistan’s province, Sindh.

According to pathologist Dr. Abdul Hafeez, heads of Peoples primary health, 16 blood samples were sent to PPHI Sindh Laboratory.

However, Thirteen children out of sixteen infected with HIV in the district of Larkana. The ages of these children are between four months to eight years. It is an authentic report presented by Dr. Abdul Hafeez. He is in charge of the HIV Aids Control programme in Larkana.

The cases of HIV in Larkana is increasing day by day. It is a top district in Sindh where almost more than 2500 people have HIV/AIDS. Larkana is under Pakistan People Party that has the government in Sindh for decades. But, Sindh has very poor health care facilities.

According to a survey of the World Health Organization, Almost 20,000 cases found that suffer from HIV infection. This HIV infection causes deadly AIDS disease and therefore mortality rate high due to it.

However, the current government figures out how many people have HIV/AIDS in Pakistan. Similarly, also figure out how many people have access to lifesaving treatment. Dr. Saima Paracha of the National AIDS Control Program said to media, “almost 135,000 people are walking around us who carry HIV infection and transmit in other people.

Reasons for HIV in Pakistan

HIV/AIDS has become an epidemic in Pakistan especially in key population. In this population, the transgender community, sex workers, men who have sex with men, and people who inject drugs are included.

According to UNAIDS, 1.8 million new infections recorded in the year 2016. Almost 35 million died every year due to HIV infection.

Cure for HIV/AIDS

Well, there is no authentic cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS. However, antiretroviral therapy is available. If you do not take any treatment or therapy, it weakens your immune system and leads to some other infections like cancer or tuberculosis, and in many time leads to death. Well now many treatments have discovered, but these also have side effects.


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