In Nigeria Blac Chyna American Model Launch A Whitening Cream That She Not Use Either

blac chyna whitening cream

Blac Chyna, a well-known supermodel of America was all set for launching a whitening cream. However, the twist is she doesn’t use it herself. She has reached to Lagos coupled with a taste Nigerian Jollof Rice. And she found that rice as the best.

At Murtala Mohammad International Airport in Lagos, the prior Stripper attends and he was equipped with optimum security. The mother of two aged 30 including in 2016 ‘Dream’ with ob Kardashian and in 2012 ‘King’ with rapper chose to share over her insta story the Nigerian Jollof Rice picture with a title. “Nigerian Jollof is a bomb’’.

This shows as how much she like the Nigerian dish. However, on the other hand, it is possible she has used this as a tactic to win the hearts of Nigerians.

Knowing the fact that she is coming to Nigeria in order to offer a cream that she doesn’t use and just paid for product promotion. This has been taken seriously by Nigerians and they are severely responding hindering her entrance to Nigeria. In order to promote the bleaching cream, she is not using herself.

Apart from a supermodel, she is also a famous entrepreneur. With Whitenicious by Dencia, she has been partnered in order to turn out the product.

She launched an online boutique in the year 2013 that she proposed the name `88fin’ equipped with fresh clothing and products from her line of clothing with the same title.

Furthermore, Chyna, she launched a new self-own brand of eyelashes, the same month. The brand was entitled as “LASHED by Blac Chyna’’.

Then in 2014, since she had her graduation from JLS Professional Make Up Artist School bought a beauty bar located in Encino, Los Angeles. Therein, she offered a makeup course.

What you say over the whitening cream she is promoting. Would you like to purchase a product sold by a person who doesn’t prefer to use it herself?



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