Illinois Traumatic Brain Injury Facts and Stats


Chicago is one of the cities that has many TBI victims. It is not by chance that Chicago has a reputation for providing excellent legal services and that Chicago brain injury lawyers offer specialized services to TBI victims. A basic understanding of the financial implications and the best way to seek compensation or access aids emphasizes the importance of TBI victims seeking specialist legal assistance that Chicago brain injury lawyers offer.

What is TBI?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a broad term that describes a vast array of brain injuries in which a blow, bump, or penetrating object, such as a headshot, induces damage and leads to a loss of proper functioning.

TBI is a significant and leading cause of disability and death in the United States. It can affect anyone, but data indicates it’s riskier and more severe in certain groups.

What Are the Financial Consequences of TBI?

TBI recovery may necessitate mentoring and ongoing assistance for those affected.

In 2010, the estimated lifetime economic cost of indirect or direct medical expenses due to TBI was $76.5 billion. This estimate can account for up to 90% of the total medical expenditure in cases of fatal TBI or those requiring hospitalization.

Data from the Center for Neuro Skills shows that the cost to manage a mild brain injury can add up to $85,000; a moderate brain injury can cost over $900,000; and for a severe brain injury, the cost can be over $3 million over a lifetime. Indeed, for most victims, this is beyond their financial ability.

Overwhelming evidence shows inadequate funding by the federal and state governments to assist TBI victims and their families. Thus, they are at odds with securing due compensation to meet their dire finances. Should victims seek professional assistance?

Why Should Victims Seek Professional Legal Counsel?

Whether seeking ways to get state or federal aid, pursuing compensation from an insurance company, or settling in or out of court, the various processes are challenging for the average person due to multiple aspects. 

For instance, in resolving disputes with insurance companies, the victim is often disadvantaged since insurance companies aim to minimize costs and maximize profits.

When a TBI victim seeks government assistance, the victim may improperly handle legal and administrative processes without the aid of professional traumatic brain injury lawyers. Besides, they are more likely to miss out on compensation options that should be apparent to specialist lawyers. However, with the assistance of TBI lawyers, the victim gets total compensation.

And in the case of a court settlement involving negligence, the lawyers can establish negligence and will also sue for maximum compensation for the victim.

In the event of an insurance settlement, traumatic brain injury lawyers put the interests of the victims and their families ahead of profit.

Requesting the services of reputable TBI lawyers saves valuable time and resources. The affected individual fully utilizes all open options in seeking financial redress or aid in meeting the economic challenges TBI imposes. 

Indeed, Chicago brain injury lawyers provide essential services to TBI victims and their families.


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